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Woman charged after child found wandering streets

An area woman is facing felony charges after her child was found wandering the streets of Park Hills alone.

Chelsea Barr, 27, of Park Hills, is being charged with two class D felonies of endangering the welfare of a child in the first degree.

According to a probable cause statement, on June 16 a Park Hills police officer was patrolling the area of East Main Street at 8:30 a.m. when she saw a young girl approximately 4 to 5 years old pushing a bike with no shoes.

The officer reported that the child was walking on the shoulder of the road very close to traffic, so she pulled her patrol car over and got out of the car to speak with the child. The little girl saw the officer so she turned around and started walking toward the officer.

The officer reported the child tried to cross the railroad tracks with her bike and the bike got stuck on the tracks. The officer walked up and took the little girl’s hand so she wouldn’t dart into traffic and freed her bike from the tracks. They then walked back to the patrol car.

The officer asked the little girl what her name was and where she lived. The little girl pointed to the area of Crane Street and asked the officer not to go to her house because her mom doesn’t like to have the cops there.

At that point the officer reported that she remembered the child and where she lived because she had worked an incident with the same child three or four weeks prior. During that occurrence the child had been riding her bike down the center of Crane Street with no supervision.

During the first incident, the officer, along with a second officer, made contact with the little girl’s mom, Barr, who she was asleep in bed while the child left the home. That incident was hotlined to the Division of Family Services (DFS).

This time the officer took the little girl back to the police department and called DFS. The officer spoke with a worker and the worker stated she would meet the officer at the home of Crane Street. At 9 a.m. Central Dispatch contacted the officer and said Barr called stating that her daughter was missing.

The officer told Central Dispatch to tell Barr that her daughter was in the officer’s care and that she would be bringing the little girl back to their house. The officer took the little girl back to her house and met with Barr and two DFS caseworkers who were in front of the home.

Barr said she was in the bathroom and when she came out her daughter was gone. Barr also said that she looked around the neighborhood before calling the police. Another officer arrived at the home and asked Barr if anyone else was in the home.

Barr said there was a man in the home. The first officer left to attend to other business and the second officer took over the incident since she had prior dealings with Barr. At 12:20 p.m. the first officer who found the girl was contacted by a DFS caseworker to come to a case review with Barr, her young daughter and DFS.

The officer reported that during the review it was decided that Barr’s two children were going to be placed in temporary care of her mother and step-father, with the stipulation that the children would be tested for drugs.

After the meeting, the two children were taken by the family to be tested. On June 29 the test results came back and the officer reported that she was told that both children tested positive for marijuana and methamphetamine. Barr tested positive for amphetamine, methamphetamine and marijuana. All testing was done with hair.

Barr is wanted on a $20,000 bond.



Renee Bronaugh is a reporter for the Daily Journal and can be reached at 573-518-3617 or

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