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Author uses past experiences to heal

When dealing with the ghosts of her past, Mary E. Masterson decided to turn her story into one which would not only help her sort out certain issues but also could help others.

Masterson’s book “A Heart in Pieces: A Return From Devastation” is the story of her first 40 years summed up in 94 pages.

Masterson said the book is short but impactful, and she anticipates readers will have an emotional response to it.

“It is deep and will get you right in the gut throughout the story, but remember, it does have a happy ending, as you can see I am standing here talking to you,” Masterson said. “I tell people to be prepared with a box of Kleenex and three or four hours of reading time.”

In Masterson’s book overview, she speaks of hope, abuse, rejection, homelessness, divorce, manipulation and how she struggled through life.

“A bitter divorce brought about a whole new life that I had never experienced,” Masterson said in her book overview. “Rejected, homeless with no family, I had to find my own way in a world from which I had been protected. Struggling to figure out this new way of life brought its challenges and many mistakes. But nothing prepared me for the heartache of all heartaches that I was to experience at the tender age of 26.”

Masterson said her story was not originally written for publication, but ultimately, she felt it could prove to be supportive to others as it was for her.

“I originally started out with the idea that getting my story on paper would help me to sort out the issues I had in my life,” Masterson said. “But as the years passed, I realized after speaking to others about my writings that my story was truly extraordinary. Then as the healing kept progressing, I then felt that my story could possibly help others who have a similar story or parts of my story.”

Masterson said the final decision to publish came down to a feeling that God was directing her to get her story out.

“I feel blessed,” Masterson said. “God helped me to write a story, my story, little ole me, to help others. I feel accomplished in that mission.”

While she feels the book has a strong tie to God, Masterson said everybody can relate.

“Those who are not ‘religious’ or speak of God can relate as well,” Masterson said. “I have heard from those who don’t believe in God to those who are deep in their religion or relationship with God. Everybody can relate to my story somewhere.” 

Masterson said her hope for the book is that people will find peace in their heart and mind after reading it.

“Everybody has a story that can and will inspire someone to find the good or even bad in that life story,” Masterson said. “Maybe someone who reads my story will know how to talk to someone who has lost loved ones or maybe someone will find inspiration in the story to lead them on a path to find God or maybe someone will find the validation that they have been searching for their lifelong or maybe just maybe someone will find the strength within themselves to make better decisions in their life than they are right now.”

Masterson said she has already started a couple new books and is hoping to get more serious with finishing them once winter comes around. 

“It really has blown my mind at how much support I have received throughout this process, from family, friends, acquaintances and complete strangers,” Masterson said. “When they hear a synopsis of my story, it is amazing the positive response. By the way, the reviews have been fabulous.”

Masterson’s non-fiction biography can be found worldwide and is available in hardcover, paperback, e-book and will soon be available in audible for the hearing impaired.

“It was very important to me to have this book available worldwide,” Masterson said. “I have thus seen it in Japan, Australia, UK, Canada, Mexico and of course, United States.”

While Masterson is not a native, she has called Fredericktown her home for the last five years and will be holding a book signing at the Fredericktown Branch of the Ozark Regional Library 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. on Thursday.

Mary E. Masterson will be signing copies of her book

Mary E. Masterson will be signing copies of her book “A Heart in Pieces: A Return From Devastation” at the Fredericktown Branch of the Ozark Regional Library on Thursday from 6 to 7:30 p.m.

Pictured is

Pictured is “A Heart in Pieces: A Return From Devastation” by Mary Masterson with cover art designed by Christian Faith Publishing.

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