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Confirm Kavanaugh

This week the Senate held hearings for one of its greatest Constitutional responsibilities, confirming the President of the United States’ nominee for a vacancy on the Supreme Court. Like many Americans, I was disappointed to see obstructionist Senators devolve into bitter, childlike antics instead of properly and responsibly fulfilling their Constitutional duty. Between outside liberal groups and Democratic Senators trying to launch their White House ambitions, Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings were hijacked into an embarrassing display of unwarranted personal attacks and shameless self-promotion.

The showboating and campaigning began as soon as the hearing was gaveled in. The Republican Chairman of the Judiciary Committee couldn’t even finish his opening sentence before liberal Senators dreaming of the White House interrupted him and demanded he delay the hearing. Close to 150 protestors, shipped in by liberal groups, took turns shouting over Judge Kavanaugh and were arrested in the committee room. As the entire nation watched, eager to hear President Trump’s nominee answer Senators’ questions and offer insight on his legal thinking, liberal Senators selfishly seized the limelight and blasted out fundraising emails, completely neglecting their responsibility to vet and confirm the president’s nominee.

The most insulting part of this charade is the Senators making a mockery of the United States Senate have already announced they wouldn’t vote for Judge Kavanaugh anyway. Following Senator Chuck Schumer’s lead, half of the Democratic Senators on the Judiciary Committee announced their opposition to Kavanaugh’s confirmation before the hearings even began and many refused to even meet with him. Over the weekend they debated not showing up at all for the hearing but decided instead to orchestrate a political theater.

Despite the distractions and interruptions, Judge Kavanaugh maintained his composure. He professionally and courteously attempted to answer Senators’ questions, even as they baselessly attacked his character while his family was in the room. This is a man who has authored 307 opinions as a judge, yet the obstructionists spent more time shouting about arcane Senate rules and hyping unsubstantiated rumors than asking Judge Kavanaugh about his legal opinions. The Supreme Court has adopted his legal reasoning in at least a dozen of their cases. He is known throughout the legal world as a thought leader and a “judge’s judge.” The American Bar Association unanimously named him “well qualified,” its highest possible endorsement. And instead of hearing his views on the law, we saw Senators declare themselves ‘Spartacus’ and shout over one another as they tried to paint Judge Kavanaugh with conspiracy theories and fear mongering.

 The real reason liberals are opposing Judge Kavanaugh is because he said he will follow the Constitution fairly and interpret laws as written. He has consistently ruled to restrain the regulatory state – the unelected bureaucrats in Washington who create rules and regulations – and has promised not to legislate from the bench. Many liberals in Washington would much prefer an activist judge pushing for more government power and regulations. They want the Court to push an agenda – their agenda – and they know they won’t get that with Judge Kavanaugh’s independence and commitment to the Constitution.

Judge Kavanaugh is an immensely qualified and well-respected judge, and it is a shame to watch him and his family endure the political smears and uncalled-for attacks on his character. He is a good man who has demonstrated he will uphold the rule of law and respect the Constitution as written. In the hearings this week, Judge Kavanaugh has shown more respect to the Constitution than any of the obstructionist Senators who hijacked one of the Senate’s most important duties to fuel their personal 2020 ambitions.

Jason Smith

Jason Smith

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