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Residents express concerns

Meeting in regular session Tuesday night, the Park Hills City Council heard concerns from residents and passed ordinances related to city projects.

The meeting began with Park Hills resident Kevin DeGrant and Farmington resident Curt Davis, who spoke on behalf of a family member who is a resident of Park Hills, addressing the council regarding concerns related to an apartment complex just inside the city limits of Leadington.

DeGrant, who resides on Keystone Drive in Park Hills, said that since the construction of the neighboring Keystone Villa Apartments, he has seen heavy water flow onto and around his property that had not occurred before. Saying the water is often knee-deep around his home, DeGrant said the water flow poses not only an inconvenience but a potential danger to children and motorists.

Additionally, DeGrant said the apartment complex residents’ garbage dumpsters had recently been moved into Park Hills city limits near his home, creating an eyesore and foul smell. Saying he had previously appeared at a meeting of the Leadington City Council, DeGrant said he hoped that the Park Hills City Council could do something about the two issues.

Davis echoed DeGrant’s concerns, focusing mainly on the problems posed by the presence of the four dumpsters near the home of his family member.

Summing up the residents’ reason for speaking to the council, DeGrant said he hopes the City of Park Hills is able to assist in resolving the issues.

“To let us be flooded from a new business and for them to move their trash dumpsters next to us is wrong,” DeGrant said. “I really hope this city will help us out.”

Having previously met with the two, Park Hills Mayor Daniel Naucke said he thinks one of the issues will be more easily fixed than the other after also recently meeting with Leadington Mayor Dustin Winick.

“The water issue, I think, I can get fixed with Leadington and us working hand-in-hand,” Naucke said. “As far as the trash dumpsters, I don’t know what to do with that yet. We have no ordinance really designating anything on trash dumpsters.”

Explaining that he would continue the dialogue with the property owners involved and the City of Leadington, Naucke said the City of Park Hills would continue to try and resolve the situation, which the residents said they appreciated.

“We know you guys can only do what you can do,” Davis said. “We understand and we appreciate that. We thank you for listening to us.”

Moving on to reports and council discussion, City Administrator Mark McFarland said that like other cities in St. Francois County, Park Hills would be ceasing the collection of recyclable waste separate from trash, after changes announced by the St. Francois County Environmental Corporation Board.

“Starting Oct. 31 they will no longer be accepting recyclables, with the exception of a few items,” McFarland said. “As far as our recycling goes, probably 80 percent of the recycling we pick up is plastic. So we will not be recycling past October.”

McFarland said the change should not greatly affect trash pickup schedules and that city crews would be collecting recycling tubs during the last week of the month.

Additionally, McFarland said Park Hills Fire Chief John Reeves would be resigning, effective Oct. 16. To fill the vacancy, he said current Assistant Chief Brad Weiss would be taking over as interim fire chief.

In mayor’s discussion, Naucke requested council approval for a letter of intent to be drafted related to property maintenance and right-of-way on Woodlawn Drive, which the council approved.

In new business, the council first approved a resolution to accept transferred property from the Park Hills Industrial Development Authority (IDA), located at 4 Municipal Drive. The property had been transferred to the IDA and then to the City of Park Hills.

The council also approved an ordinance removing language from the city code referencing recycling collection and an ordinance authorizing the mayor to execute a contract agreement with Gilmore and Bell for legal services related to TIF district work.

Members of the Park Hills City Council discuss the concerns of city residents related to issues arising after the construction of an apartment complex in Leadington.

Members of the Park Hills City Council discuss the concerns of city residents related to issues arising after the construction of an apartment complex in Leadington.

Jacob Scott is a reporter with the Daily Journal. He can be reached at 573-518-3616 or at

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