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Medicare Quickies

Many people are asking where their new Medicare cards are and what they have to do to get them.

New Medicare cards are on the way, they should be here by the end of the year and you only have to make sure the address Social Security has for you is up to date. Medicare will not call you and ask for your information to send you a card. Medicare will not charge you for your new card either. Several people in our area have received calls that they must send $5-25 to get their card. That is a scam. Please do not give your Medicare or Social Security number out to someone who calls you on the phone.

Another recent question is what to do with letters and information that promotes a website to access Medicare information. That site is not in any way affiliated with Medicare. If you need Medicare information, you can go to The .gov is important and lets you know you are on the real Medicare governmental site. If the internet is not a way you like to communicate, you can also call 1-800-Medicare (1-800-633-4227). Aging Matters will happily help with your Medicare questions, 800-392-8771.

Medicare also has changes to the cost; the standard Medicare Part B premium will be $135.50. Some will pay less because the Social Security COLA raise of 2.8 percent will not cover an increase. Those with higher incomes (over $85,000 for a person filing single or $107,000 for a couple filing jointly) could pay more. If you have limited income and assets you might qualify for help with your Medicare costs, call Aging Matters to see. The Medicare Part A deductible will increase to $1364 per benefit period and the Part B deductible will increase $2 to $185.

Many Part D plans are changing and we have already begun to help beneficiaries sort through the plans available. Open Enrollment for Medicare Part B continues until Dec. 7. Please check your plan to make sure you are in the best plan for you. If you have any questions about Medicare, please call Aging Matters, 800-392-8771 or 573-335-3331.

Jackie Dover

Jackie Dover

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