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STEAM Night encourages learning for all ages

The Fredericktown Before and After School Experience or B.A.S.E. is hosting a STEAM Night once again to give learners of all ages a night of science, technology, engineering, arts and math in a way everyone can be involved.

The free event is returning to the Fredericktown High School from 6 to 7:30 p.m. on Nov. 8 and will feature classes such as Amateur Astronomy, the Chemistry of Cooking, Makey Makey Music, Magic Tricks, Fall for Engineering, and much more.

“STEAM is an initiative to highlight the areas of science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics,” Fredericktown High School Librarian Kelli Nicholson said. “STEAM education is crucial to educate and prepare our students for our future’s changing technological landscape.”

Nicholson said the event is a way to join the school and the community in a shared goal of learning, and to further the education of everyone by providing an environment for families to have the opportunity to participate and learn together.

“Personally, I get excited when I see high school students teaching their parents about coding and fingerprinting, when kindergartners and their parents learn how to make recipes and to understand the chemistry of the cooking and when local leaders pass on knowledge and expertise in areas everywhere from astronomy to surgical procedures to 3D printing,” Nicholson said. 

B.A.S.E. Adviser Amy Long said STEAM is all around and teachers can teach it a multitude of ways.

“Lots of students don’t like math or maybe science but if it is incorporated in a way that is interesting, students may find that they really do like math and science,” Long said. “STEAM is being incorporated into school districts because of the importance of science, technology, engineering, arts and math for all children. The sooner it is introduced, the better.”

Those attending will have time to choose three presentations from experts in the school district, as well as local leaders and business owners.

Denny Henke will be giving a presentation on Amateur Astronomy. This presentation will touch on the use of amateur telescopes as tools for observation and the recording of data. This will also be contrasted with observations without the aid of telescopes and what can be expected from such observations.

“With the wide availability of affordable telescopes and nearly pervasive internet access, amateur observation astronomy provides an excellent starting point for any citizen interested in contributing to a wide variety of citizen science projects,” Nicholson said.

Tracy King will be sparking creativity through music with her presentation Makey Makey Music. King will be teaching how to make music with anything that can conduct electricity. Nicholson said this hands-on workshop will be one you will not forget. Asking the questions have you ever played a piano made entirely out of hot dogs or a set of drums that were really marshmallows?

Other programs to choose from include Joe Garrity teaching the math behind card tricks and local teacher and author Morgan Straughan Comnick using a game show to teach the ins and outs for getting your creative masterpiece published.

Free snacks will be available as well as face painting by the high school Art Club.

If you are interested in participating with or helping with the event, contact Nicholson at the Fredericktown High School office 573-783-3628. 

Cole Greene (left) enjoys last years STEAM Night by creating fingerprint art during the Fingerprinting Course put on by Fredericktown Science Club.</p><p class=

 ” width=”800″ /> Cole Greene (left) enjoys last years STEAM Night by creating fingerprint art during the Fingerprinting Course put on by Fredericktown Science Club.


Victoria Kemper is a reporter for the Democrat News. She can be reached at 573-783-3366 or at

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