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Roadwork begins in Desloge

A projected yearlong project began Monday in Desloge in an attempt to improve the roadway and make it more accessible for pedestrians.

Desloge City Administrator Dan Bryan said the contractors have been instructed by the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) to get the word out 15 days in advance, so the signs have been up letting the public know the work was going to begin.

“The projects started on the extreme southern end of Desloge Drive right near the Park Hills city limit,” Bryan said. “We were hoping it wasn’t as heavy of a congested area for commercial business and it is a lot less complicated project down there, so we could ease into it and let people starts seeing some work.”

Bryan added they also thought it would be a great idea to start there because it’s right there at the intersection of Highway 8 and Park Hills city limits. He said the preferred truck route will continue to be, as it always has been, through the industrial park in Park Hills to Parkway Drive.

“That is going to be preferred truck route so any deliveries, over-the-road big trucks, they need to take that route,” Bryan said. “From U.S. 67 to Parkway Drive, go through the Park Hills Industrial Park and Highway 8. Then obviously any trucks coming Highway 8 from Potosi, we ask they don’t turn left into Desloge.”

Bryan said they need to continue that right turn into Park Hills and go through the industrial park. He said they won’t limit local deliveries at all and the only challenge is the first section they are starting with, there will not be any detour ability.

“There just aren’t a lot of side streets near the first part of the project,” Bryan said. “So we will be doing lane closures, down to one lane type of thing or restricted width which again, the contractor will notify MoDOT to help everyone understand if the restricted width is one lane or is it a complete closure, because there will be sometimes we will have to saw cut across the entire road to put in sewer or water lines.”

Bryan said there will be short periods of time where there will be complete closures. He added once travelers are north on Desloge Drive near Cedar Street, that will be where the detour route will start, so motorists can detour onto Grant Street.

“We are going to do one or two block sections, so we aren’t talking about huge detours through town,” Bryan said. “We are just going to take chunks of this thing and progress down towards the first intersection at Chestnut Street and then down to the next four-way at Oak Street where (the new Casey’s will be) and will just keep progressing to the end of the project at Hawthorne, which will end with sidewalk.”

Bryan explained the road portion of the project will end just south of the police department. He said this is huge for the city.

“It will be a headache for residents of Desloge and those who are visiting Desloge, but if everyone will just be patient with us and the process, and know that when it is done it will be a beautiful thing. It will be such an improvement for this main sector while driving Desloge.”

Bryan said with the new roadway, there will also be new street side parking, ADA compliant sidewalks, curbing and decorative street lighting. He said it will be a lot of those things that aren’t seen while driving through town now.

“With construction everything will hit in phases,” Bryan said. “The first thing we had to do was to get rid of some of those unsightly utility poles. If we are going to bring in decorative lighting to give it this aesthetic look, we don’t want a lot of those over-hanging wires and utility poles, so that was the first phase of this, moving those poles to the alley.”

Bryan said they have been working with AmerenUE, AT&T and Charter to move their services from Desloge Drive to the neighboring alleyways on the east and west side of Desloge Drive.

“Work has already been happening, all the utility companies have been in town,” Bryan said. “Everything will really be trimmed back and when you look at that beautiful, level street sided parking spaces, sidewalks, curbing, stamped concrete islands and all these nice beautiful things that we are going to see, I think people are really going to be excited about it.”

Bryan added there will be 41 decorative poles along the project to improve lighting for those walking and driving.

“The idea with this is we want to make Desloge a walkable city and we are progressing,” Bryan said. “Adding these sidewalk is definitely going to add to our overall goal in making Desloge a walkable city. The walking trails are connected to city parks as part of this and will be able to walk park to park and halfway to the big commercial area.”

He said as the project progresses, they will continue to move the message boards to warn large trucks of the detours. Bryan added they expect the project to be completed by next December, but hope for completion in October.

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