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New materials in Ozark Regional Library System

If you don’t see it at your local branch, ask your librarian to order it for you (or you can go to our online catalogue and place a hold on the item yourself).  Remember, a library card is free.


  • Allen, Nancy Campbell.  The Secret of the India Orchid
  • Cogman, Genevieve. The Lost Plot: An Invisible Library Novel (Fantasy)
  • Cogman, Genevieve. The Mortal World: An Invisible Library Novel
  • (Fantasy)
  • Florence, Elinor. Bird’s Eye View
  • Fowler, Christopher. Bryant and May: Hall of Mirrors
  • Griffin, W.E.B. and William E. Butterworth IV. The Enemy of My Enemy: A Clandestine Operations Novel
  • Higashino, Keigo. Newcomer: A Mystery (An Edgar Award Finalist)
  • Johansen, Iris. Vendetta
  • Jones, Sherry. Josephine Baker’s Last Dance: A Novel
  • Oates, Joyce Carol. Hazards of Time Travel
  • Potenza, Carol. Hearts of the Missing (Winner of the Tony Hillerman Mystery Prize)
  • Silverberg, Robert. Time and Time Again: Sixteen Trips in Time
  • Stranton, Doug. 12 Strong: The Declassified True Story of the Horse Soldiers

Large Print Fiction/Non-Fiction

  • Balogh, Mary. Someone to Trust: A Westcott Novel
  • Cohen, Joy. Harry’s Trees
  • Cook, Robin. Pandemic
  • Frew, Alex. Fear Valley (Linford Western)
  • Lupica, Mike. Robert B. Parker’s Blood Feud
  • Martin, Hugh. Guns of Santa Carmelita (Linford Western)
  • Roberts, Nora. Of Blood and Bone
  • Winton, Tim. The Shepherd’s Hut


  • America’s Test Kitchen. The Complete Diabetes Cookbook
  • Frey, Kate. Ground Rules: 100 Easy Lessons for Growing a More Glorious Garden
  • Kimball, Christopher. Milk Street Tuesday Nights
  • de Mente, Boyé Lafayette. Etiquette Guide to Japan: Know the Rules that Make the Difference
  • Powell, Anthony. Dancing to the Music of Time
  • Ramge, Thomas and Jan Schwockhow.  The Global Economy as You’ve Never Seen it:  99 Ingenious Infographics that Put it All Together
  • Yonover, Robert and Ellie Crowe. Caregiver’s Survival Guide: Caring for Yourself While Caring for a Loved One

J Fiction/Non-Fiction

  • Anderson, M.T. and Eugene Yelchin. The Assassination of Brangwain Spurge
  • Collodi, Carlo and Roberto Innocenti. The Adventures of Pinocchio
  • Helprin, Mark. Swan Lake (Illustrated by Chris Van Allsburg)
  • Johnson, Steven. How We Got to Now: Six Innovations that Made the Modern World
  • Libenson, Terri. Positively Izzy
  • Turley, Beth. If This Were a Story
  • Woodson, Jacqueline. Harbor Me

Early Readers

  • Archer, Dosh. Detective Paw of the Law: The Case of the Stolen Drumsticks
  • Archer, Dosh. Detective Paw of the Law: The Case of Piggy’s Bank
  • Berger, Melvin. Dive! A Book of Deep-Sea Creatures
  • Kim, Grace.  She Sells Seashells: A Tongue Twister Story (Illustrated by Patti Hammel)
  • Rylant, Cynthia. Henry and Mudge and the Forever Sea (Illustrated by Suçie Stevenson)
  • Waber, Bernard. Lyle Finds His Mother
  • Wilhelm, Hans. I am Brave!

Picture Book

  • Brown, Anthony. Willy’s Stories
  • Churnin, Nancy. The Queen and the First Christmas Tree: Queen Charlotte’s Gift to England (Illustrated by Luisa Uribe)
  • Crowther, Kitty. Stories of the Night
  • Hale, Christy. Water, Land: Land and Water Forms Around the World
  • Joyce, William. A Day with Wilbur Robinson
  • Sounder, Chitra and Poonam Mistry. You’re Snug with Me


  • Crazy Rich Asians
  • The Crown, Season 2
  • Fanchon the Cricket (Mary Pickford, 1915)
  • Longmire, Season 2
  • The Shannara Chronicles, Season 1
  • The Tale of Despereaux
The Ozark Regional Library, Fredericktown Branch is located at 115 S. Main St. It will be closed until further notice.

The Ozark Regional Library, Fredericktown Branch is located at 115 S. Main St. It will be closed until further notice.

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