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Chamber discusses plans for the year

Members of the Park Hills-Leadington Chamber of Commerce met for their monthly meeting last week.

The topic of meeting was the State of the Chamber Address given by the new chamber president, Melissa Hosna.

Hosna began the address by saying that this year would be a year of change and forging better relationships.

She expressed the desire to see more investor involvement saying, “The chamber has more than 160 investors yet about half of them aren’t here. I’d like to see more involvement from investors.”

Hosna then announced that Mike Campbell will be serving as the ambassador chair for 2019.

“Mike’s been on the investor board for three years and has done a great job,” said Hosna.

Stephanie Roesslein will serve as the ambassador secretary.

The next topic brought up in the address was the new chamber website which is nearly complete.

“The site will include a more modern look with a new homepage along with new ways for enhanced investors to showcase their businesses,” Hosna said. “Tammi [Coleman] has been busy and I really appreciate all the work she’s put in on the website. Our chamber couldn’t run without her.”

The new website is scheduled to be completed by early March.

The announcement of reconstruction in the membership investment’s structure of the chamber was made next.

“Board members discussed adding a new program that would help fund things like entertainment for our banquet and our scholarship program” Hosna explained. “During these discussions, our new Elite Partner Program was formed.”

This year will be the first year for the program. It offers 10 partnership opportunities and, so far, nine of the chamber investors have committed to the new program.

The chamber investors participating in the new Elite Partner Program are First State Community Bank, Prairie Farms, New Era Bank, Boyer Funeral Homes, US Bank, Parkland Health Center, Pharmax Pharmacy, and Belgrade State Bank.

Hosna said the creation of the Elite Partner’s Program has been a success so far.

Other topics of interest discussed were future events such as the annual disc golf tournament, which will be held in May.

“This will be a family-friendly event allowing teams to compete and family and friends, who may not want to participate, to spectate and enjoy the fun as well,” Hosna said.

The chamber is also planning to make the event a benefit tournament with funds going to the chamber’s emergency relief fund. The fund was created in May when some of the local businesses were damaged by unexpected flash floods.

Another upcoming event discussed was the annual Firecracker Run, which Jerry’s Fireworks and Parkland Health Mart helped support last year and agreed to do the same this year. The run features four races, a one-mile run, one mile walk, 5K run and a 5K walk.

The Firecracker Run is held annually on the Saturday prior to the Fourth of July. The event had about 200 participants last year. This year the chamber plans to make the event bigger by including health vendors and a business team challenge.

Another interesting topic that was discussed was the fact that Park Hills is marking its 25-year anniversary of being incorporated.

“We know that the city is exploring several activities for the anniversary celebration,” said Hosna. “Hopefully, the chamber can be part of the monumental celebration.”

Reviewed were some of the events of the past few months, including the trivia night which Hosna said was huge success with a large turnout. 

The “Cruising For a Cause” event, which benefited the Senior Center’s Meals on Wheels program, also had a large turnout and the chamber plans to have another one this year. Planning for this will take place soon in upcoming meetings.

Hosna concluded the chamber address saying, “Last year we had more than 30 new investors in the chamber and I challenge all our new investors, along with our long-term investors to get involved this year.”

She explained the benefits of working with the chamber.

“When we work together, we accomplished so much for the community.”

Names of the Elite Partners will be on display at every meeting and event the chamber holds. 

Names of the Elite Partners will be on display at every meeting and event the chamber holds. 

Chamber President Melissa Hosna delivers the State of the Chamber Address to a packed crowd of investors at Mineral Area College's North Campus.

Chamber President Melissa Hosna delivers the State of the Chamber Address to a packed crowd of investors at Mineral Area College’s North Campus.

Bobby Radford is a reporter for the Daily Journal. He can be reached at 573-518-3628, or at

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