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Animals Science Class tour Jayce Mountain Pork

The Animal Science class from the Fredericktown High School got a chance to visit an area farm and tour new facilities that they had discussed in class.

Jayce Mountain Pork, formerly Laut’s Hog Farm, is an area swine operation that specializes in farrow sows.

The operation has recently expanded with state-of-the-art equipment to make sure that the animal has the best environment to have and successfully raise piglets, while at the same time making employee ease and safety a top priority.

The Animal Science class consisting of 16 students, had the opportunity to look at all the new equipment and living quarters for the farm’s new gilt gestation and farrowing barns. The students were amazed at the amount of technology that goes into one of the newly-built buildings. From automatic feeders that identify each animal individually and adjust their feed intake, to a computer being able to sort hogs based upon where they are in their pregnancy, the students learned how agriculture utilizes technologies and cell phones to make the production of hogs easier.

The students continued to comment on how large the house is and how surprised they were at the amount of space available for the hogs that live in the barn.

This tour was a wonderful chance for students that care about animals to see what it is like to work with hogs in a “real world” application. By taking advantage of the area’s best practices related to agriculture, students can better understand where their meat protein comes from and how it is raised.

A special thank you to Jayce Moutain Pork for allowing the Animals Science class to tour its facilities.

Walter Laut explains to the students the setup for the new hog barn at the farm.

Walter Laut explains to the students the setup for the new hog barn at the farm.

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