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Sheriff alerts residents about warrant scam

Residents of St. Francois County should be aware of a scam that is circulating throughout the county.

Sheriff Dan Bullock notified the Daily Journal on Monday night that there is a scam going around the county involving someone pretending to be from his office.

The individual or individuals are calling people and claiming to be a St. Francois County deputy.

Bullock said the scammer tells people that they have a warrant for their arrest. The scammer then says for the warrant to go away they need to put money on a card.

He said they have received about a dozen complaints about this scam in the last two days. He said no one has fallen for the scam yet.

“I haven’t heard from anyone who has done it, but eventually somebody will,” he said.

This isn’t a new scam. But this is the first time the scammer has claimed to be a St. Francois County deputy.

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