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WCSD: Drunk teen arrested at pool

A Wright City teen is in custody following an incident that occurred Saturday in Washington County.

Kyle Bruning, 18, of Wright City, has been charged with two counts of felony assault in the third degree of a law enforcement officer, misdemeanor resisting arrest, misdemeanor escape or attempted escape from custody, and misdemeanor peace disturbance.

According to the probable cause statement, on Saturday Detective Ethan Haworth and Deputy Steven Rion were dispatched to the Woodland Lakes Swimming Pool area located outside Sullivan in rural Washington County to a report of a man who was drunk and had vomited on the table and on himself.

According to the report, when the deputies arrived, the man was gone. The two deputies were able to locate the man attempting to gain entry into a locked building by the pool area. At that time, according to the court document, the man identified himself as Kyle Buffington. The man stated he was intoxicated and that he had a couple of beers. When asked his age, he told deputies that he was 18.

The report states that the deputies escorted the man to the picnic table and had him sit down due to his condition and then contacted dispatch to request EMS for possible alcohol poisoning. The deputies then asked the man’s name and he repeated his date of birth multiple times. After repeatedly asking for the correct spelling of his name, the man stated again that it was Kyle Buffington. This name did not return any matches through MULES (Missouri Uniform Law Enforcement System).

When EMS arrived on scene, the man refused treatment and was uncooperative with EMS when he was asked to sign a treatment refusal form. When EMS asked his legal name, he stated that it was Kyle Bruning and then he began to walk away.

The deputies advised the man to stop walking and that he was under arrest. Bruning told police, “if you try to arrest me, you will have problems.” Bruning refused to put his hands behind his back, so at that time Rion attempted to use soft hand techniques to restrain Bruning.

The report states Bruning then attempted to strike Rion and when Haworth grabbed Bruning he knocked the detective’s glasses off his face.

After Bruning was in wrist restraints, the deputies led him back to EMS who were at the swimming area. Bruning them attempted to “head butt” Rion so he was assisted to the ground at that time by the deputies.

The report states that Bruning continued to fight and yelled obscenities at the deputies. Bruning also made statements that he would find out where the deputies live and catch them without a badge.

Staff at Woodland Lakes Management said that the man’s behavior had caused emotional distress to the families that had young children at the pool in the “family area.”

At that time, Rion requested a caged car to transport Bruning to the Washington County Jail where he was able to post the $30,000 surety bond using a bail bondsman.

The report also states that Rion had abrasions to the right arm including cuts that bled due to the altercation with Bruning. In addition, Haworth sustained bruising to the face and arms due to Bruning physically fighting the deputies.

It is also noted that Bruning failed to properly identify himself giving the deputies a fake last name and hindering them to properly conduct their duties.

Bruning is currently on probation for stealing a firearm and unlawful use of a weapon. Bruning also has prior charges for possession of marijuana, resisting arrest, obstructing a police investigation, and burglary all out of Warren County.



Matt McFarland is a reporter for the Daily Journal. He can be reached at 573-518-3616, or at

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