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Missing woman located in Tennessee hospital

A rural Farmington woman who had been reported missing was located on Monday afternoon in a Tennessee hospital.

Angela Williams (Walker), 38, of Farmington, spoke to her friend Christina Von Thun briefly by phone on Friday evening. Von Thun said that Williams was supposed to help her with a benefit yard sale on Saturday and said that Williams seemed to be looking forward to it.

“I jokingly told her to make sure she set her alarm (she’s not a morning person) and that I would be over to pick her up early in the morning,” said Von Thun.

Von Thun said the next morning she tried calling and texting Williams but she didn’t respond. Von Thun then said she went to Williams’ Clover Lane residence and knocked several times on the door.

“I could hear the dogs barking, but I was running late so I went ahead and went to the yard sale,” she said.

Von Thun said that after not hearing from Williams all day on Saturday she became more and more concerned.

“It’s not like Angel to not have called or text and say that she was sorry for missing me or that something had come up,” said Von Thun. “I decided to go back to Williams’ home, but this time I went inside. There was no one there, except the dogs and no signs of anything being out of place.”

“I decided to call her parents and see if they had heard from Williams – they had not.”

Von Thun said that she and some of Williams’ relatives went back to her home on Sunday and still it was only the dogs at the house. Von Thun said it is unheard of for Williams to leave her dogs without having asked someone to check on them.

Von Thun said that she contacted the St. Francois County Sheriff’s Department on Sunday and a deputy came out to Williams’ home and took a report to check her well-being.

Von Thun said that Williams had an ex-boyfriend who was abusive and reported that Williams had told her he had made some recent threats and that Williams believed he may do something to her.

According to Sheriff Dan Bullock Monday afternoon, Williams was located in a Tennessee hospital after having been involved in a vehicle accident. The vehicle belonged to her ex-boyfriend and reports indicated the ex-boyfriend was killed in the accident. It is unclear at this time whether or not Williams was travelling with the man willingly or against her will as she still remains unconscious and unable to speak to authorities.

This is a developing story and more information will be provided as details emerge.


Angela “Angel” Williams, who was last heard from on Friday evening, was found in a Tennessee hospital after having been involved in a vehicle accident. 

Matt McFarland is a reporter for the Daily Journal. He can be reached at 573-518-3616.

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