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Impede and impeach

Spending nights at my home in Missouri, working on my family farm, visiting with friends, neighbors and farmers – asking them how I can help, it’s the reason I take the first flight home I can when voting in Congress is done for the week. I’ve never felt comfortable in Washington, nor do I want to. But this week, more than others, made me long to be around Missourians. It was one of those weeks where the agenda put forth by Speaker Pelosi and her band of progressives made me sad for the direction of your United States House of Representatives and longing to be back with folks who share our values and our way of life.

In the last 6 days alone Speaker Pelosi brought before the Congress a vote on holding the President’s Cabinet in Contempt for asking folks verify they are a U.S. Citizen, a bill calling the President of the United States a racist, and held a vote to impeach President Trump. To say it was an extremely disappointing week for your United States Congress would be an understatement.

In a purely political maneuver, with no intended benefit to the American people – Democrat leadership moved proposal after proposal to the House of Representatives Floor intended to do nothing else than embarrass and score political points over the President. Over the last six months, Democrat leaders failed to lift a finger to condemn their own party members for saying things like Americans of Jewish faith are not loyal to the United States, that the U.S. runs “concentration camps,” and publicly called the President words so undignified, inappropriate and vulgar that they won’t be repeated by this Representative. While they refused to act then, they decided this was the moment to introduce a resolution calling President Trump racist. It’s hard to take such attack serious when this is the same group who called President Reagan and his conservative followers racist, the policies of President Bush racist, and who have obstructed President Trump’s agenda at every step of the way.

Then came the political stunt of holding two members of the President’s Cabinet in Contempt of Congress. The vote was simply a way for the Left to voice their disagreement with the White House wanting to rightfully make sure that the U.S. Census participants were only American citizens. The every ten year census helps determine things like federal grant and loan support and congressional representation – making sure every Americans’ voice is equally heard in their government. In response to the demands of the Left that they produce documents and cooperate with an investigation into adding the citizenship question – the Department of Justice and Commerce turned over 30,000 pages of documents, gave numerous statements and made good faith efforts to accommodate the unprecedented request for information. This included making numerous Administration officials available for interview on the matter, but for the Leftist who control the House Chamber, that wasn’t good enough, so they held a show vote to further try and embarrass the President.

If that wasn’t enough political posturing for one week, progressives also decided to try their hand at impeaching the President again with 95 Democrats voting in favor of advancing impeachment. What more evidence is needed to see that Speaker Pelosi’s agenda is a simple one – obstruct, investigate, impede and impeach. It’s no wonder no legislation is getting done which would be of help to rural Missourians. Nothing to reduce regulations, decrease government bloat nor protect constitutional rights and liberties. How can the President work in good faith with Speaker Pelosi and Democrat leaders when all they want to do is call him a liar and a racist while voting to impeach him and his Cabinet?

In a last minute attempt to save face for a purely political week, Democrat Leaders decided to move legislation in the U.S. House of Representatives projected by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office to cost 3.7 million jobs nationwide, including 50,000 here in Missouri, while increasing poverty and reducing real income for American families.

Scoring political points while doing nothing to help rural Missouri families and farmers. It’s the new reality in your U.S. Congress. With over a year left before the Presidential elections of 2020, I was hopeful that even with divided government, before the agenda turned to politics as usual, we could at least get important things done such as repairing our nation’s infrastructure, securing our borders, cutting government waste, making the tax cuts of 2017 permanent, fixing a broken Veterans Healthcare system, and providing for our common defense as a nation. Unfortunately its looks like the political season has already arrived in your U.S. Congress.

Jason Smith

Jason Smith

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