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Beyer Enterprises announces new administrator

Beyer Enterprises is pleased to announce it has named a new administrator of Beyer Medical Group in Fredericktown.

Veronika Beyer has climbed the ladder during her time at Beyer Enterprises and most recently held the title of administrator of Tradewinds Palliative Care. She’ll continue to provide oversight of Tradewinds as she also takes on the new role of administrator of Beyer Medical Group.

The position was previously held by Fernando Borrego, who will be stepping back to focus on his role as Chief Financial Officer for Beyer Enterprises — the parent company of Safe Harbor Hospice, Tradewinds Palliative Care, Discover Home Care and Beyer Medical Group.

“Beyer Medical is made of a caring, dedicated team,” Fernando said. “Veronika has been a helpful advisor to build it, and having her lead it was an easy choice.”

Veronika began working for Safe Harbor in 2008 and has since earned her Masters in Business Administration.

“When I started with Safe Harbor, I was inexperienced in the health field,” Veronika said. “Now, I feel like I can help provide a different perspective to Beyer Medical Group for resources, education and leadership.”

Veronika added one of her goals is to bring back more community involvement.

“I want to show that we’re here to support our rural community with quality healthcare,” she said. “I also want to create a culture at Beyer Medical that makes patients feel welcomed and heard.”

Dr. Phillip Beyer, founder of Beyer Enterprises, said the clinic administrator is a vital role within the company.

“I particularly treasure people who started in our organization at the bottom of the system and then worked their way through it,” he said. “Veronika has done that and specifically tailored her education to make her a better management person through her business degree.”

Dr. Beyer added that profit is not the end motive but quality. If you get quality, he said, then your business will be a success.

“Veronika fits in very nicely to that,” he said. “I’m excited about her being in this role. She’s smart and capable, and at this time, she’s the perfect person for this role because she embodies all the values I think are important — not just for the clinic itself, but how it relates to the community around it and other medical providers and businesses in this area.”

Veronika Beyer

Veronika Beyer

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