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The Dating Pool is Getting Deep

It can be hard to find companionship at almost any age, but it can be extra difficult for seniors who choose to jump back in the dating pool. So many obstacles such as health, family and the fact that you have not dated in a few decades can make a person question the wisdom of dating again.

Dating has changed radically in the last few years. Many couples now meet on dating websites or dating apps. I have friends who have met their spouses or significant others on dating sites and who recommend them as the best way to find love or companionship. Meeting people in the virtual world has some benefits; you can get to know someone without ever leaving your couch. Many of the sites have a matching feature that allows you to narrow down your choices based on shared interests. That can save time and allow you to focus on things that you both enjoy before you ever have that awkward first date.

Another benefit to dating in the virtual world is the dating pool is bigger. You have access to many people you would not meet in your everyday life. More people equals more choices, which can be good to meet as many people as you want and you can then narrow your choices based on your specific criteria.

Not only are there many people that use the dating sites, there are many sites to choose join. EHarmony. Match. SilverSingles. OurTime. Some have certain audiences they target; farmers, Christians and even seniors. Over 40 million people are using dating sites, so if you are afraid you are the only one, you are not. It is very common and can lead to long lasting friendships and romance.

As with most things now days, there can be a down side to virtual dating. The sad fact is that some people lie on dating sites. It can be a little lie as they shave a few years off their age or add a few inches to their height or it can be an entire made up profile. Be cautious with what information you share online, you want to strike a balance between being open and divulging all your private information. It is always a good idea to not send money to people you meet online. The awesome profile and amazing pictures may be fake or belong to someone else. Many scammers will be happy to take your life savings and then some. Use caution, and if you have doubts, ask someone for their advice. Getting a second opinion is a great idea. Always plan to meet new people in a public place. That is just good planning. That way you are not alone and can make a hasty exit if things do not work out.

If you do decide to try online dating, pick a site that you are comfortable using. Have your friends or family help you set up a profile that is flattering and truthful. Be open to meeting people outside your comfort zone. Whether you just want to explore the opportunities out there and dip your toe in the dating pool or dive in headfirst, use your best judgement and have fun.

Jackie Dover

Jackie Dover

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