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Madison County Land Transfers

  • WD: James D Parker & wife to John W Alcorn and Kimberly M Johnson
  • WD: Stevens Property Management, LLC to Stevens Plumbing & Electric, LLC
  • WD: Judy L Colbert, Successor Trustee to Kyle A Danback & wife
  • WD: Brenda J Green & Steven E Green to Brandon Racer & wife
  • Ben Deed: Harold D West to Lori Matthews
  • WD: Calvin C Prater & wife by Marilyn Sue Cofer, Successor Attorney In Fact to Roger V Lewis
  • QCD: City of Fredericktown to Ronald L Roy & wife, Trustees
  • WD: U.S. Bank National Association to Jean-Luc Bourgeois
  • WD: Ray Statler & wife to Michael Hale & wife
  • Ben Deed: Delores P Wacker to Gregory D Parson & wife
  • WD: Thomas Lynn Ward, Successor Trustee and Brenda K Jarrett Tinnin, Successor Trustee to Gary D Phillips
  • Ben Deed: Stephanie Moore to Brett A Renk
  • WD: Dorothy L Morice to Matthew A Tesreau & wife
  • WD: Kathryn L Wilfong to Bartholomew Dotzman
  • Ben Deed: Della Marie Foster to Marcella Mills
  • QCD: Michael Eric Yaeger & wife to Michael Eric Yaeger & wife
  • WD: Bobby Dale Wagganer & wife to Ralph L Hamilton & wife
  • WCD: Carla S Spain to Mikey Dale Spain & Shannon Dale Spain
  • WD: Christopher F Smith & wife to James P Kurtz & wife
  • WD: Town & Country Grocers of Fredericktown to Show-Me Rent-to-Own, Inc
  • Ben Deed: Margaret B Huff to Kathy Bullis Et al
  • QCD: Twelve Mile Recreation, LLC to Kevin E Marler
  • Ben Deed: Retha Whiteaker to Lisa Aune Richardson and William Roger Brewington
  • WD: Town & Country Home Sales, Inc to Norman Swaringim & wife
  • WD: Ira E Henson & wife to J Spence Investments, LLC
  • QCD: Montgomery Auto Parts, LLC to Montgomery Leasing, LLC
  • WD: David Menteer & wife to Debra A Brown, Trustee

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