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In a pit?

Have you ever felt like you were down in a pit?

For race car drivers, the “pit” is a good place. It is where the driver’s crew, mechanics, and specialists stay. They are the ones who go over the racer’s car and keep it repaired, tires changed, etc. Each of them is valuable to the driver in his own way. They quite often play an important part in either the success or failure of the driver.

That kind of “pit” is quite different from the one in the story of Joseph in the Old Testament. Joseph’s brothers were extremely jealous of him, so they devised a plan to throw him in a pit in the ground, out in the middle of nowhere. A band of merchants came along and took Joseph and later sold him as a slave. Eventually, he ended up in the king’s palace. Once again, he was thrown into a “pit” (jail), accused of something he didn’t do. I can imagine at this point, he was beginning to wonder if this was going to be his destiny. But while in the “pit,” God assured Joseph that He was with him, and used him to be a blessing to others. Eventually, he was released, put in a position of high authority in the palace and kingdom, and used his influence to save not only his country, but neighboring countries and his own family.

We never know when we are in the middle of a seemingly dire situation what the outcome will be. I’m sure all of us have had to deal with situations that we felt were overwhelming and almost unsolveable. No job and bills mounting up, a partner left, a loved one passed away, you lost your home, your children have turned to alcohol or drugs, you’ve been diagnosed with some physical condition, you are paralyzed, you are in a “pit” and can’t seem to get out.

Yet when we are at our lowest and down and out, that’s the time we can look up and seek guidance for a solution. God promises that He will walk with us through the valleys. No, we might not understand or like where we are at the moment, but that doesn’t mean we have to stay there. It can be a time of learning from our situations, seeking God’s help in what we are experiencing, find the good, rejoice that He cares enough to bring us through, and come out the other side, better than we were before.

There is not a person alive that has not experienced some sadness or difficulty or “pit” situation. We have all made mistakes and must pay the consequences. But thank God, there is someone who cares, will be with you, and bring you through it all. If you feel as though you are in a “pit” right now, look up, ask the Heavenly Father for help, and watch how He works. You might be amazed at the results. When that happens, be certain to thank Him for His love and guidance through it all.

Audrey B. Unruh is a local columnist, who can be reached at

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