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School board hears reports

Bismarck school district officials recently met for their monthly school board meeting and discussed the summer school report and accepted plans for a new rooftop unit.

Toward the beginning of the meeting, the board recognized students Harliee Wilkins (of the elementary school) and Tyler Mork (of the high school). A special recognition of students is something that the board does every month except for the month of August.

Resource Officer Scott LaHay gave the fall report, and Superintendent Jason King, superintendent, during a follow-up interview about the meeting, commended LaHay for all he does for the Bismarck school district.

“Officer LaHay is working to build relationships in the community, and he does a really good job at doing that,” King said.

In addition to this, King said that everything that LaHay does in his position really goes beyond what people often think of a resource officer doing.

The summer school report was given, and the summer school program offered in the Bismarck school district is different than those in the surrounding area because of the size of the school district.

The program is only offered to high school students, and this year the program ran from May 20 to June 18. A total of 21 students were a part of this year’s program, and 17 recovery credits were taken.

In addition to these things, there was an acceptance of a new rooftop unit for heating and cooling to be installed on top of the high school gymnasium. Briley Heating and Cooling Company will be doing the work for the new rooftop unit, and the work will begin soon.

In the closed session, one of the matters discussed was the rehire of Karen Knowles to work as the Federal Programs coordinator in a part-time position. Previously, Knowles held the position of social worker for the district.

Bismarck Superintendent Jason King addresses members of the Board of Education at a previous meeting

Bismarck Superintendent Jason King addresses members of the Board of Education at a previous meeting

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