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Desloge board recognizes individuals

The Desloge Board of Aldermen gathered for their monthly meeting Monday night and publicly recognized citizens who have played a contributing factor in the Desloge Police Department K-9 program.

At the beginning of the meeting, Mayor David Kater called forward Officer Brad Judge, K-9 officer for the city of Desloge, and Judge explained that in 2014 he started a fundraising project to get the city a police dog to use on the streets.

“There have been a few groups of people that have been my mainstay of support for this program for the last five years,” said Judge. “When I need something, they are there every time. This recognition is long overdue.”

According to Judge the original start-up cost of the program for the dog and the schooling was a little more than $13,000, and each year about $1,000 goes into the program for research and continued schooling.

Expenses along the lines of vet appointments and food for the police dog are completely funded by the fundraising as well.

“These groups of people have been there every time that I have needed something, and they have jumped right in and have helped me out,” Judge said. 

Judge then addressed the people to be recognized and said, “I really appreciate all the help you have given over the years. I know the chief and police department do too.”

Kater then came forward and added, “If it wasn’t for you all, we wouldn’t be able to do the things for the dog and the other things with the program that need done.”

“We appreciate the time that Judge has put and continues to put in with the dog, and if it wasn’t for you guys we couldn’t do it [the K-9 program].”

Kater acknowledged William Britton of Desloge Walmart, Ray Johnson and Melissa Burnia of C-Barn, and Kevin and Janice Bess of Marler’s Towing and presented them with a certificate of appreciation for their contribution and support of the program.

“I just want to personally thank you guys again for always being generous when we come to you and always having your arms open to support the city,” Dan Bryan, city administrator, added.

“This K-9 officer is killing it out there. You can see the amount of drugs this dog is finding, and it is phenomenal,” Bryan continued. “It is money well spent, and I personally want to thank you because it means a lot to this city. It is keeping us safer and making the town better.”

Britton added, “I have been running Desloge Walmart and working with the company for 15 years and have had the opportunity to work at this location for the last nine years; I am not from this city, but I think if you are from this city then you realize you have something special.”

“This is a great city that embraces people, and it doesn’t matter what their background is. This is a special and great community,” Britton continued. “You all have a lot of good things going, and I am proud to be a part of it.”

Following the recognition, three city ordinances about city codes were discussed, and motions were made on each one to accept the ordinances. All were accepted from all present aldermen unanimously.

Matters consisting of accepting Sophie Lane, Rosebud Court and Alexis Court into Desloge jurisdiction and personnel practices were adopted as resolutions.

Two items were presented as bids during this meeting, and the presented items were computers for the police department and a snow plow for the public works department.

Police Chief James Bullock presented a summary page of the computers that they department is looking at and Det. Sgt. Sean Roney said, “With the anticipated staff increase, we need more computers.”

A motion was made and seconded to accept the bid for the computers and a router for the police department and was agreed upon unanimously.

Jason Harris, director of the public works department, approached the board meeting with two bids from John Deere and Kranz (a company in St. Louis) for a snow plow. Harris stated that the staff recommendation for which company to go with for the snow plow would be to accept the bid from Kranz.

The bid was accepted unanimously by the board.

There were several matters discussed at the end of the meeting including closing of the TIF district. The issue will be further discussed next month. 

A change of job description and a change of job title was discussed for the water meter technician position. A motion was made to accept this and it passed.

Some other matters brought to the table for discussion were abandoned and vacant structures and how the city should handle those things, specs for the fire department’s tanker, and an invoice from Finish Line Mechanical Contractors.

A motion was made to move forward with the information presented by the fire department and was accepted unanimously.

During the aldermen reports, Ward 1 Alderman Deion Christopher publicly thanked the police department for helping out with blocking the roads during the parade held last week and also thanked everyone a part of the city who contributed to the parade.

Ward 1 Alderman David Shaw, commented on how great Desloge Drive is looking with all the updates and work the city has been doing on that city.

The next board of Aldermen meeting for the city of Desloge will be held Nov. 4.

Kevin and Janice Bess, Melissa Burnia, Ray Johnson, and William Britton pose for a photo with Officer Brad Judge and Mayor David Kater after each individual received a certificate of appreciation for their contribution to the K-9 program of Desloge Police Department.

Kevin and Janice Bess, Melissa Burnia, Ray Johnson, and William Britton pose for a photo with Officer Brad Judge and Mayor David Kater after each individual received a certificate of appreciation for their contribution to the K-9 program of Desloge Police Department.

Macey Adams is a reporter for the Daily Journal and can be reached at 573-518-3616 or

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