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Downplay the Drawbacks

One of the greatest ways to take the next step into a higher level of wellness is to make your WHY to take healthy back more important than continuing old unhealthy habits. Let’s face it, old habits can be hard to change and they are definitely a hassle, especially at first.

If you’re like most people, your unhealthy habits or inactive lifestyle seems to take no effort at all. Could it be possible that you might be talking yourself out of being the best version of yourself because you are focusing too much on how hard it might be? Imagine if you started today with a list of WHY you do want to take healthy back and you focus more on the pros than the cons. When you find yourself focusing on the drawbacks and hassles, its time to shift your focus and create a new way of thinking.

Maybe these examples can help you get started:

Con: I might have to eat smaller portions.

Pro: If I eat more slowly, I will still enjoy my food.

Con: I might have to eat fewer high fat foods.

Pro: I’ll be doing something good for my heart, arteries, family and sense of well being.

Con: I might have to give up some time to exercise.

Pro: Eventually, I’ll have more energy and be able to do more.

Making the pros outweigh the cons (drawbacks) is a strategy that can be used for many kinds of healthy behavior. Sometimes dealing with the hassles involves looking at things in a different way. Your cons may be only minor hassles compared to the serious consequences of not making your health a priority.

Here’s to your health~

Rhonda Hubbard

Rhonda Hubbard

Rhonda Hubbard

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