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Farmington Public Library Additions

The following materials were added to the Farmington Public Library during the month of November 2019:


Baker, Chandler – Whisper Network

Banes, Steve – The Chilling Archives of Horror Comics: Haunted Horror #09

Banes, Steve – The Chilling Archives of Horror Comics: Haunted Horror #10

Banes, Steve – The Chilling Archives of Horror Comics: Haunted Horror #11

Banes, Steve – The Chilling Archives of Horror Comics: Haunted Horror #12

Bardugo, Leigh – Ninth House

Chiaverini, Jennifer – The Christmas Boutique

Child, Lee – Blue Moon: A Jack Reacher Novel

* Childs, Laura – Mumbo Gumbo Murder

*Clark, Mary Higgins – Kiss the Girls and Make Them Cry

*Clipson, Amy – An Amish Heirloom

*Clipson, Amy – Seasons of an Amish Garden

*Coates, Ta-Nehisi – The Water Dancer

Connelly, Michael – The Night Fire

*Davis, Susan – Friends and Family

*Deluca, Jen – Well Met

DeMille, Nelson – The Deserter: A Novel

*Evans, Richard Paul – Noel Street

*Fields, Jan – Road Trip!

*George, Savannah – A Spicy Secret

Goodkind, Terry – Wasteland

*Gould, Leslie – A Cup of Grace

Greaney, Mark – Full Force and Effect

Green, Molly – An Orphan in the Snow

Grisham, John – The Guardians

Harrow, Alix E. – The Ten Thousand Doors of January

Hart, Elsa – City of Ink

Hart, Elsa – Jade Dragon Mountain

Hart, Elsa – The White Mirror

Hill, Joe – Full Throttle: Stories

*Hoff, B.J. – River of Mercy

Jackson, Joshilyn – Never Have I Ever: A Novel

Kelly, Karen – Gunns & Roses

Kinsella, Sophie – Christmas Shopaholic: A Novel

Le Carré, John – Agent Running in the Field

Macomber, Debbie – A Mrs. Miracle Christmas: A Novel

McCall Smith, Alexander – To the Land of Long Lost Friends

McFarlane, Todd – Spawn: Origins Collection

Morris, Heather – Cilka’s Journey

*Neuvel, Sylvain – The Test

Oates, Joyce Carol – Pursuit: A Novel of Suspense

*Patchett, Ann – The Dutch House

Patterson, James – The 19th Christmas

Peterson, Tracie – What Comes My Way

*Rodgers, Anne – Special Blessings

*Rodgers, Anne – Time to Remember

Rushdie, Salman – Quichotte: A Novel

Rushford, Patricia H. – With Open Arms

Sandford, John – Bloody Genius

*Steel, Danielle – Child’s Play

*Sveistrup, Soren – The Chestnut Man

*Tang, Camy – Tracks and Ties

Way, Gerard – The Umbrella Academy: Dallas

Way, Gerard – The Umbrella Academy: Hotel Oblivion

Williams, Beatriz – The Golden Hour: A Novel

*Woods, Amy – Apart at the Seams

Woods, Stuart – Stealth


*Bybee, Catherine – Half Empty

Castillo, Linda – Shamed

Coes, Ben – The Russian

*Connealy, Mary – Aiming for Love

* Fenady, Andrew – The Mustangers

*Fisher, Suzanne – Stitches in Time

*Goddard, Elizabeth – Always Look Twice

Grisham, John – The Guardians

Johnstone, William W. – Have Brides, Will Travel

Leslie, Frank – Apache Springs

*Lewis, Beverly – The Timepiece

*Lewis, Preston – Trarnished Badge

Macomber, Debbie – A Mrs. Miracle Christmas: A Novel

Patterson, James – The 19th Christmas

*Peterson, Tracie – What Comes My Way

*Snelling, Lauraine – A Song of Joy

*Szalay, David – Turbulence

Vogt, Beth K. – Moments We Forget

Westover, Tara – Educated: A Memoir

*Wiseman, Beth – Listening to Love

Woodsmall, Cindy – A Christmas Haven: An Amish Christmas Romance


*Bartels, Carolyn – Civil War Stories of Missouri

*Burroughs, Augusten – Toil and Trouble

Corbett, Stephen – The Practical Woodworker: A Compreshensive Step-By-Step Course in Working with Wood

Dalio, Ray – Principles: Life and Work

Davis, Lloyd Spencer – A Polar Affair: Antartica’s Forgotten Hero and the Secret Love Lives of Penguins

Dickerson Madelynnn – The Handy Art History Answer Book

*Dillard, Annie – The Abundance

Goodman, Edward C. – Fire!: The 100 Most Devastating Fires and the Heroes Who Fought Them

Gottfredson, Floyd – Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse

Grebe, Anja – The Louvre: All the Paintings

Harry, Debbie – Face It

Hite, Larry – The Rule: How I beat the Odds in the Markets and In Life — And How You Can Too

Kostigen, Thomas – Extreme Weather Survival Guide: Understand, Prepare, Survive, Recover

Levy, Joel – Unsolved Mysteries: Bizarre Events That Have Puzzled the Greatest Minds

Maddow, Rachel – Blowout: Corrupted Democracy, Rogue State Russia, and the Richest, Most Destructive Industry on Earth

*Marcy, Randolph –The Prairie Traveler

Murphy, Michael – Lucky 13: Mort Cooper and the Jinx that Led to a MVP Season

O’Reilly, Bill – The United States of Trump: How the President Really Sees America

Peterson, Larry Len – L.A. Huffman: Photographer of the American West

*Rodsky, Eve – Fair Play

Schrager, Adam – The 16th Rail: The Evidence, The Scientist, and the Lindbergh Kidnapping

Stevenson, Bryan – Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption

Schrager, Adam – The Sixteenth Rail: The Evidence, The Scientist, and The Lindbergh Kidnapping

Chase’s Calendar of Events 2020: The Ultimate Go-To Guide for Special Days, Weeks and Months


Barton, Bethany – I’m Trying to Love Math

Cristaldi, Kathryn – I’ll Love You Till the Cows Come Home

Ferry, Beth – The Scarecrow

John, Jory – Can Somebody Please Scratch My Back?

Kang, Anna – We Are (Not) Friends

MacLachlan, Patricia – The Hundred-Year Barn

Oh, Joowon – Our Favorite Day

Pinkney, Brian – Puppy Truck

Rinker, Sherri Duskey – Three Cheers for Kid McGear!

Rosenthal, Amy Krouse – Uni the Unicorn: Uni’s First Sleepover

Sollinger, Emily – Unicorn’s Magical Day

Sotomayor, Sonia – Just Ask!: Be Different, Be Brave, Be You

Stead, Philip Christian – Bear Has a Story to Tell

Wallace, Adam – How to Catch a Turkey

Wenzel, Brendan – A Stone Sat Still

Wheeler, Eliza – Home in the Woods

Wohnoutka, Mike – So Big!

Wolf, Karina – I Am Not a Fox

Zschock, Heather – Nighttime Fairies: A Bedtime Shadow Book


Arden, Katherine – Dead Voices

Brallier, Max – Last Kids on Earth: The Last Kids on Earth and the Midnight Blade

Bruel, Nick – Bad Kitty: Kitten Trouble

Colfer, Chris – A Tale of Magic…

Crimi, Carolyn – Weird Little Robots

Gibbs, Stuart – Charlie Thorne and the Last Equation

Greenwald, Tom – Game Changer

Hale, Shannon – Best Friends

Mlynowski, Sarah – Spill the Beans (Whatever After Series)

Mlynowski, Sarah – Genie In a Bottle (Whatever After Series, Vol. 9)

Peirce, Lincoln – Big Nate in the Zone — Book 6 – Big Nate

Selfors, Suzanne – Wish Upon a Sleepover

Stilton, Thea – The Dance of the Star Fairies

Stilton, Thea – Secret of the Crystal Fairies (Thea Stilton Special Edition #7) A Geronimo Stilton Adventure

Tarshis, Lauren – I Survived the Battle of D-Day, 1944

Telgemeier, Raina – Guts

Wagner, J. I. – Legend of the Star Runner

Winkler, Henry – Alien Superstar


Macy, Sue – The Book Rescuer: How a Mensch from Massachusetts Saved Yiddish Literature for Generations to Come

Sichol, Lowey Bundy – From an Idea to Disney: How Branding Made Disney a Household Name

Challoner, Jack – STEM Lab: 25 Super-Cool Projects: Build, Invent, Create, Discover

Mitchell, Don – The Lady Is a Spy: Virginia Hall, World War II Hero of the French Resistance

Winchell, Mike – Electric War: Edison, Westinghouse, Tesla, and the Race to Light the World with Electricity


Acevedo, Elizabeth – With the Fire on High

Choi, Mary H. K. – Permanent Record

Coates, Ta-Nehisi – Black Panther

Emmich, Val Dear – Evan Hansen: The Novel

Forrest, Bella Harley – Merlin and the Broken Spell

Houser, Jody – Stranger Things: The Other Side

Lee, Mackenzi – Loki: Where Mischief Lies

Lloyd-Jones, Emily – The Bone Houses

Lore, Pittacus – The Fall of Five: I Am Four Series

Lore, Pittacus – The Fate of Ten: I Am Four Series

Lore, Pittacus – United as One: Book 7: I Am Four Series

Lu, Marie – Rebel: A Legend Novel

Maniscalco, Kerri – Capturing the Devil

McGee, Katharine – American Royals

Reeves, Mark Leon – Angus Returns

Riordan, Rick – The Tyrant’s Tomb

Schweizer, Chris – Maker Comics Fix a Car

Sepetys, Ruta – The Fountains of Silence: A Novel

Vaughan, Brian K. – Paper Girls Vol. 6


Doeden, Matt – Gun Violence: Fighting For Our Lives and Our Rights

Petro-Roy, Jen – You Are Enough

Takei, George – They Called Us Enemy


Craft, Jerry – New Kid

Parry, Rosanne – A Wolf Called Wander


Connelly, Michael – The Night Fire

Goodkind, Terry – Wasteland

Grisham, John – Guardians

Patterson, James – 19th Christmas

Sandford, John – Bloody Genius

Steel, Danielle – Child’s Play

Strout, Elizabeth – Olive, Again

Woods, Stuart – Stealth


Grebe, Anja – The Louvre: All the Paintings

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