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Desloge celebrates Christmas in the Park

Santa made a stop in Desloge Saturday afternoon for the 22nd annual Christmas in the Park during a bright, sunny, but cool day.

Ward I Alderman David Shaw was on hand to support the event and greet those who had attended.

“It’s a great day, we have a great turnout today,” he said. “It looks like people are having a good time. There’s a nice big line for the carriage rides. Nice long line for Santa Claus.”

Shaw revealed something of a secret about the man in the red and white outfit talking to the children and checking his list.

“I understand that this is the real Santa Claus, not some impostor,” he said. “We were able to secure the big guy, but he’s on a limited time, he’s got a lot of work to do this time of the year.

“It’s a good day to be in the city of Desloge, I’m real proud of our community.”

Desloge Parks and Recreation Directory Terry Cole noted that the North County National Honor Society students help out as part of their service hours.

“It’s put on by the Desloge Library and our library board, it’s an annual event that happens the first Saturday of every December,” he said. “We provide carriage rides and library literature and stuff like that, and activities for the kids, get everybody in the Christmas spirit.

“They are helping out with crafts. Ornaments, Jingle Bells, Santa masks, they are a huge help for us, they’ve been doing that forever.”

Head Librarian Misty Boyer explained it’s a good way of giving back to the community.

“We enjoy doing it, it’s a lot of fun,” she said. “I like to see families come together and have a good time in the afternoon. Smiling faces, everyone in the Christmas spirit, the weather is great.

“It’s been going on since 1998. In the future, we’re kind of hoping to make it bigger, get some businesses involved, come over and help advertise and get vendors.”

According to Boyer, Walmart has played a key role in making Christmas in the Park happen, and Belgrade State Bank along with random people in the community have helped for as long as she can remember.

See more photos online,” width=”800″ /> “Oliver” and Isabella Lacey sit with Santa at Desloge Christmas in the Park Saturday afternoon.

See more photos online,

Kelleigh Hurst and Emily Rogers sit with Santa at the Desloge Christmas in the Park Saturday afternoon.

Kelleigh Hurst and Emily Rogers sit with Santa at the Desloge Christmas in the Park Saturday afternoon.

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