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Huzzah Creek Crossing, circa 1937

The replacement of the Brickey Slab low-water crossing structure started Dec. 2 when Lehman Construction Company began the demolition of the old structure.

The Huzzah Creek crossing on Westover Road is being replaced with a bridge designed to improve public safety, as well as habitat for fish and other aquatic organisms. The project is a collaborative effort between Crawford County and Mark Twain National Forest.

To celebrate the start of the Brickey Slab project, this 1937 photograph may be of interest to readers. The picture was found in Mark Twain National Forest files and was labeled “Crossing Huzzah Creek, Meramec Ranger District, Clark National Forest.”

Danny Brown, Crawford County’s Road Foreman, reported that there were several crossings on Huzzah Creek like this one, and that this picture may have been taken at a crossing that was near today’s Highway E – Huzzah Creek crossing. He remembered hearing that people appreciated the “hog trough” design because the high sides of the rails allowed vehicles to cross the creek with less fear of being washed downstream during high water.

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