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Flood recovery group submits report to governor

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources submitted the Flood Recovery Advisory Working Group’s interim report to Governor Parson Dec. 31. As requested by the Governor’s Executive Order, the group has offered input on both short-term and longer-term recovery.

“We’re looking forward to reading the group’s report. Their findings and recommendations will play a critical role in our path forward in flood recovery priorities, allocation of state funding, and potential changes to the state’s current levee system to benefit our citizens,” Governor Parson said. “We are pleased with the time commitment of all of the working group members and the attention they have given to this important topic.”

“The work of this group is critically important given the devastating impact of this year’s flooding on Missouri agriculture,” said Chris Chinn, Director of the Missouri Department of Agriculture.

“We are hearing from group members that in the short term we need to continue to support current recovery efforts and efforts to increase resiliency, such as a levee setback in Atchison County,” said Dru Buntin, Acting Director of the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. “Longer term, group members want to see the state have a leading voice in system operation on both the Missouri and Mississippi rivers.”

Group members are additionally recommending several changes be considered at state and federal levels to both ease the burden of current recovery and lessen the impacts of future floods. View all of the group’s recommendations online at

July 18, Governor Parson signed Executive Order 19-14 in response to significant and ongoing flooding on the Missouri and Mississippi rivers. The Executive Order outlined the formation of an advisory working group that would provide input on the state’s short-, medium- and long-term flood recovery priorities and feedback on the state’s current levee system with suggested changes to benefit Missouri and its citizens. The group also was asked to identify areas where attention is needed and provide input on priorities for allocation of state funding for flood recovery.

Members of the Flood Recovery Advisory Working Group include the Missouri departments of Natural Resources, Agriculture, Economic Development, Transportation and the State Emergency Management Agency. Representatives from the Missouri Levee and Drainage District Association, Missouri Farm Bureau, Missouri Corn Growers Association, Missouri Soybean Association, Coalition to Protect the Missouri River and the Missouri and Associated Rivers Coalition are members as well. Agri-business and local government interests also are represented.

Meetings will continue in 2020. Future meetings will give group members opportunities to refine and organize their recommendations before submitting a final report to Governor Parson by May 31. All meetings are open to the public and will be broadcast live online and recorded for viewing later. To view the interim report and learn more about the 2019 flood event, visit

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