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I realize Valentines Day has just passed, but is there ever a time that we should not consider some type of love in our lives.

Your first ‘crush’ when you are in kindergarten or elementary school and someone gives you a valentine piece of candy or a heart shaped cutout. When you are a little older and you are beginning to really realize what infatuation is all about. Then comes the offers for actual dates that you go out to dinner, movies, concerts, etc. I believe the ages for those types of dates are getting lower all the time. Guess I’m showing my age now.

Next, now that adulthood is in the picture, the assurance and knowing that you have found that ‘right person,’ you move towards a deeper relationship and then possibly marriage.

Maybe children are in the picture next, so there comes that special love that occurs when you hold your firstborn child. The innocence of them as they look up into your eyes. Can you imagine what they might be thinking? The love of parents towards their children. There are always those times that we might feel other emotions rather than a loving spirit, but deep down, we do love them.

All along life’s way, we are filled with entirely different types of love. The Holy Bible expresses that love is kind, patient, generous, courteous, unselfish, humble, good tempered, sincere, and above all, forgiving.

The true test of how we have measured up comes when we experience the loss of those we say we love. We search ourselves to determine whether we have lived up to the standards that God has set out for us. They are very high standards, true, but God sets them that way for a reason. He is the ultimate True Love and desires for us to be like Himself.

May you experience the best love possible and share that love with everyone around you. You will feel better, those around you will feel better, and the world will be a better place because of you.

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