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From Our Files

100 years – March 2, 1922

There were those who thought our winter had been definitely mislaid by the weather man, while others gave the ground hog full credit. These persons have revised their opinions since Tuesday. On the afternoon of that day a substantial blizzard descended upon us and continued into the night leaving a three or four inch coat of mixed sleet and snow.  

Statements show banks in finest condition. Total resources shown to exceed $1,083,000 despite depression of business. County has had no business failures. It has been frequently commented upon that every bank in the county is manned by natives of the county, all the way from President to assistant cashier. None of the banks have ever imported men from the outside to occupy responsible positions.

Momen E. Blanton died suddenly at his home early Sunday morning, aged almost 71 years. Apoplexy was the cause of his death. Previously he had been in his usual good health, spending a large part of Saturday downtown looking after business affairs. 

A Fredericktown ordinance requires that every resident owner or operator of an automobile shall pay as an annual license on every car the sum of three dollars and twenty-five cents.

75 years – March 6, 1947

The Marquand Chamber of Commerce was awarded the sum of $2,000 in the damage suit against Lake State Shows, held in the Potosi court Tuesday of this week. The case was opened last fall after the Lake State Shows, under contract to the Chamber of Commerce, failed to furnish concessions at the Home Coming Picnic held July 4-5-6.

At a meeting of the school board last Thursday night, it was decided that all teachers now employed in the Fredericktown Public Schools should be rehired next year, with a $200 boost in salary. 

Fredericktown is threatened with the loss of one rural mail route. An inspector was here this week and indicated that two of the present routes would be consolidated. Presumably the change would principally affect Routes two and four, since they serve the same general section.

One of the biggest businesses in point of payroll in Madison County is the County Welfare Office under the direction of Miss Julia Tual. That fact was realized this week when Miss Tual told the Democrat-News that over $133,000 was paid to Madison County residents during the calendar year, 1946. Old Age Assistance was the largest contributor to this enormous payroll. Madison County persons drew $117,133.15 in old age assistance in 1946.

50 years – March 2, 1972

The general figures on the cost of rearing children in the United States, released by a presidential commission, raises the questions: “What does it cost in Madison County?” In Madison County, where the average net income is between $6,000 and $7,000 per household, the outlay comes to an estimated $23,400 per child. 

In Madison County, due to changes in recent years in the birth rate and in life expectancy, the median age of the local population is now 38.4 years.

Miss Kathy Thomas, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Thomas of Marquand, was named the Marquand-Zion Homecoming Queen in ceremonies at a recent home basketball game.

A new congressional redistricting plan drawn by a federal court, leaves Madison County in the 10th Congressional District. 

25 years – March 5, 1997

Fredericktown is again entering the fray for a proposed state correctional facility. At Monday’s special meeting of the Fredericktown City Council, the council voted unanimously to have a public hearing to elicit citizen comment on the proposal. If the results of the hearing are favorable towards pursuing a correctional facility for the community, the city will go forward with a proposal. 

Adrian Branch is not your ordinary motivational speaker. Fredericktown Middle School will be host to Branch’s motivational assembly at 8:30 a.m., Monday, March 10. As a former college and NBA basketball player, he should be interesting to youths, as well as informative. Branch starred at the University of Maryland before becoming a second round draft pick for the Chicago Bulls in 1985. 

Fredericktown High School freshman Hannah Sikes, daughter of Jerry and Vera Sikes, is a successful reporter on the show “Kid Zone.” Kid Zone is a feature and information program produced and seen at 11:30 a.m., Saturdays on Channel 23, KSBI out of Cape Girardeau. 

Marquand-Zion Senior Cheryl Ann Cook, daughter of Raymond and Deanna Cook, was crowned the 1997 Homecoming Queen.

Nicholas Franks, the son of Angela Franks, of Fredericktown took first place in the Bassmasters Casting Kids Competition, February 22, at Grandpa’s in Ste. Genevieve.

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