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New materials in Ozark Regional Library System

If you don’t see it at your local branch, ask your librarian to order it for you (or you can go to our online catalog and place a hold on the item yourself). Remember, a library card is free.


  • Bahr, Dane. The Houseboat
  • De Roberts, Carolina. The President and the Frog
  • Fox, Candice. The Chase
  • Harvey, Kristy Woodson. The Wedding Veil
  • Quinn, Kate. The Diamond Eye
  • Rosenfelt, David. Citizen K-9
  • Winespear, Jacqueline. A Sunlit Weapon 


  • Bosworth, Charles, & Joel J. Schwartz. Bone Deep: Untangling the Betsy Faria Murder Case
  • Brooks, Arthur C. From Strength to Strength
  • Bruni, Frank. The Beauty of Dusk: On Vision Lost and Found
  • Cain, Susan. Bittersweet: How Sorrow and Longing Make Us Whole
  • Carson, Rachel. The Sea Trilogy
  • Cooper Jones, Chloé. Easy Beauty: A Memoir
  • Hamburger, Jeffrey F., & Joshua O’Driscoll. Imperial Splendor: The Art of the Book in the Holy Roman Empire, 800-1500
  • Irankunda, Pacifique. The Tears of a Man Flow Inward
  • The Magic of Memoir: Inspiration for the Writing Journey
  • Mamet, David. Recessional: The Death of Free Speech and the Cost of a Free Lunch
  • Miskimen, Mel C. Sit Stay Heal: How an Underachieving Labrador Won Our Hearts and Brought Us Together
  • The Norton Anthology of Drama: Second Edition Volume One
  • Quindlen, Anna. Write for Your Life
  • Reses, Jackie, & Lauren Weinberg. Self-Made Boss: Advice, Hacks, and Lessons from Small Business Owners
  • Stahr, Walter. Salmon P. Chase: Lincoln’s Vital Rival
  • Sullivan, Rosemary. The Betrayal of Anne Frank: A Cold Case Investigation
  • Zegart, Amy B. Spies, Lies, and Algorithms: The History and Future of American Intelligence

Large Print 

  • Blackburn, Maggie. Little Bookshop of Murder
  • Evanovich, Janet. The Recovery Agent
  • Ferguson, Melissa. Meet Me in the Margins
  • Goddard, Elizabeth. Present Danger
  • Mead, Rebecca. Home/Land: A Memoir of Departure and Return
  • Hellinger, Magda, Maya Lee, & David Brewster. The Nazis Knew My Name: A Remarkable Story of Survival and Courage in Auschwitz
  • Neubauer, Erica Ruth. Murder at the Mena House 

J Fiction/Non-Fiction 

  • King, S. J. The Secret Explorers and the Moon Mission
  • Macaulay, David. Mosque
  • Maguire, Gregory. Cress Watercress
  • McKay, Hilary. The Swallows Flight 

Picture Books 

  • Barnett, Mac. Telephone
  • Cooper, Kelly. Midnight & Moon
  • Gibson, Roberta. How to Build an Insect
  • Kusel, Susan. The Passover Guest 


  • Constable, Kate. The Waterless Sea
  • Great Mystery Series: Mean Streets & A Vacation to Die For
  • Great Mystery Series: Murder In Hollywood & Murder With a Twist 

Video (DVD) 

  • Stargate SG- 1: Season 7
  • VeggieTales: Sweetpea Beauty 

YA Fiction/Non-fiction 

  • Shoemaker, Tim. Escape From the Everglades
The Ozark Regional Library, Fredericktown Branch is located at 115 S. Main St.

The Ozark Regional Library, Fredericktown Branch is located at 115 S. Main St.

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