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Biden’s disastrous climate agenda

In 2019 our nation hit an important milestone when we became energy independent for the first time in nearly 70 years.

Thanks to the all-of-the-above energy policies put in place by President Trump and Republicans in Congress, we were able to keep energy costs affordable, boost job growth, and strengthen our nation’s energy security by reducing our reliance on foreign oil.

Fast forward to today, and our nation is facing the biggest energy crisis in my lifetime because of President Biden and Washington Democrats’ radical energy agenda. Gas prices have doubled, the cost of diesel has skyrocketed 80%, and utility rates have increased by double digits.

This isn’t an accident. That’s the goal of Washington Democrats’ climate agenda: drive up the cost of traditional energy sources to force our nation’s transition to alternatives that are less reliable, widely unavailable, and even more expensive.

In the past, Joe Biden declared, “I guarantee you. We’re going to end fossil fuel.”

He said this knowing that transitioning to alternative energy sources is not only unworkable, but it would also destroy jobs, stifle economic growth, and drive-up hardworking families’ energy costs. That’s what makes what has happened so infuriating: he is intentionally trying to make it harder for working class Americans to make ends meet, all so he can implement a political agenda. It’s beyond shameful.

President Biden launched the war on American energy when he blocked the Keystone XL Pipeline, which could be supplying U.S. refineries with 830,000 barrels a day. He didn’t block it for environmental concerns; transporting oil through a pipeline is far safer than by truck or rail. He blocked it because he and the Left will stop at nothing to end our nation’s use of fossil fuels.

President Biden is also using burdensome regulations as a tool to stifle the creation of new large-scale refineries. His regulatory assault – combined with years of anti-fossil fuel rhetoric by Washington Democrats – has destroyed any incentive for U.S. energy to improve and expand the infrastructure needed to keep up with demand. And just six weeks ago, the administration proposed $45 billion in new taxes on U.S. energy, showing no concern that the tax hike could reduce energy production and drive prices even higher.

But now as gas prices approach $6 per gallon, he wants Americans to believe he cares about the pain they are facing. But instead of working on real solutions to end the energy crisis, Washington Democrats are trying to use unserious policies and gimmicks – like suspending the gas tax – as a political bandaid to manage the fallout caused by their radical energy agenda.

We’ve seen Washington Democrats encourage Americans to buy electric vehicles (EVs) to get relief at the gas pump. While spending $60,000 on an EV is just a drop in the bucket for liberal elites, it’s not an option for the millions of Americans who are struggling with 40-year high inflation. On top of that, for families in my hometown of Salem, the nearest EV charging station is 30 minutes away. As a result, they would have to pay thousands of dollars to install an EV charging station at home just to have a reliable energy source to fuel their vehicle.

Americans don’t want short term fixes that – in all likelihood – won’t provide any relief to families who are struggling with soaring gas prices and 40-year high inflation. What we need are policies that will get America back to energy independence. I will always fight to protect Missouri families from Washington Democrats’ costly and disastrous climate agenda.

Jason Smith

Jason Smith

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