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Madison County Land Transfers

  • WD: Scott Putnam & wife to Leno McDonald
  • Ben: Kevin P. Tinervia to Steven M Tinervia & Samuel J. Tinervia
  • QCD: Andrew Sale to Danielle Sale
  • WD: Kenneth R. Singer to Jeffrey Roy Gilbo & Pamela Michelle Gilbo
  • WD: Bob G. Lewis to Tara Hale
  • Ben: Reva Slinkard to Crystal Stucker & Elizabeth Stevens
  • WD: Adran Y. Chowdhury et al to Shawn Neel
  • WD: Housing Source, LLC to Damien Wren & wife
  • WD: U.S. Bank National Association to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development
  • WD: Bailey Smith Clark & husband to Swinford Properties, LLC
  • WD: Bailey Smith Clark & husband to 5 Star Holding, LLC
  • QCD: Robert L. Brown & wife to Bob L. Brown & wife
  • WD: Cynthia Pense Shoemaker to Tyler Coleman
  • WD: Alan Peterson & wife to Amy Wood & Christine Henderson, Co-Trustee
  • WD: Swinford Properties, LLC to H&M Investments, LLC
  • WD: Phillip W. Bennett to Neel & Cureton Investments, LLC
  • WD: Jonathan Dale Lutes & wife to Chad Kaempfe & wife
  • WD: Sheila Kemp & husband to Bobby Morgan & wife
  • WD: Janet Shryock to Brewen Properties, LLC
  • QCD: Joseph Kennon to Marissa Weiss
  • QCD: Kimberly R. Cureton to Brent E. Cureton
  • WD: Archie D. Wells & wife to Marble Creek Properties & Land Management, LLC
  • WD: Cody S. Huff & wife to Jim Lewis & wife

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