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Hedgcoth receives IT degree

Cap America Inc. recently announced that Daniel Hedgcoth has completed his Associate of Science in information technology by using Cap America’s tuition reimbursement program. Hedgcoth recently transitioned to Cap America’s IT department after working in the production and maintenance departments for over 15 years.

Hedgcoth decided to pursue a degree in order to further his skill set to be successful in his desired career field of IT. He chose to take online courses through Rasmussen University since he hadn’t been in a traditional school setting since the early ‘90s. Hedgcoth said he has considered working toward an additional degree but plans to take a break from coursework for now. In the meantime, he plans to gain certifications in areas like operating systems and networking to continue to develop his credentials.

Cap America officials say the company supports the pursuit of higher education and offers tuition reimbursement to employees who wish to obtain an undergraduate degree. Cap America leadership and the IT team in particular are said to be very proud of Hedgcoth’s recent accomplishment.

Cap America’s CIO John Cooper said, “Daniel has been a welcome addition to the Cap America IT department. His dedication to learning the necessary skills to be successful in his career field is admirable. We look forward to the opportunities this recent degree will present him.”

Daniel Hedgcoth

Daniel Hedgcoth

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