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It seems as though this year has been a year of more than usual “storms.”

Our town has certainly seen our share. We definitely would like them to not affect us anymore for a while.

Yet, we look at nearly every other state in the country and each of them has experienced some unusual weather-related event. Many might say it all has to do with global warming. Others might think it is just part of the way life is. There is drought in some parts of the country, while other parts are experiencing excessive flooding. Much higher temperatures for some, yet areas that are actually much cooler and even colder than usual.

We can try to put the blame on whatever we’d like, but storms still happen and have from the beginning of time. We can learn from these times if we are willing to look at the circumstances that might have resulted in damages. Do we have sufficient barriers around our water supplies? Are we prepared for electrical outages? Have we provided places of refuge for those who might need it? Are our emergency crews totally prepared? Do we have extra supplies on hand? Have we taught our families proper evacuation drills if needed? Are there sufficient early detection devices in place? All of these are questions that if they have been addressed ahead of time, can prevent even worse outcomes.

Spiritual storms also come at us nearly every day, and yet when they do, quite often we are totally shocked and unprepared. We have the guide book on what to do and how to deal, yet most of us don’t take the time to either read or study enough to be equipped to handle the solution. We panic. We get depressed. We give up. We give in. We stress out. We become defeated. We look to others for the answer, when all the time, the answers are right in front of us in His Word. Storms come and go. Let’s become wise enough to use what has been given to us for the solutions to our storms.

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