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This has to be one of the ugliest bugs you’ll find anywhere in the world. For this week’s Take a Guess, readers are asked to name this hideous insect AND tell us where in the world it can be found. If you think you know the answers, send an email with your guess to Editor Kevin Jenkins at or post your response on the Farmington Press Facebook page. If you’re right, your name will appear in next week’s issue!

The correct answer to last week’s Take a Guess was Hearst Castle — known formally as La Cuesta Encantada which is Spanish for “The Enchanted Hill.” Newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst started construction on it in 1919. Coming up with the right answers were Anita Angell Michaels, Susan Smith Kline, Teresa Engelke, Rich Luebcke, Nancy Bullis, Bruce Poff, Judy Kopfman and Mike Bowers. Great job! Let’s go eat some White Castles to celebrate!

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