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From Our Files

100 years – Nov. 16, 1922 

A subscription list has been in circulation several days by which a sum was raised to pay the salary of a night Marshal. The city council also made a small appropriation and A. J. Pitchford was named by the council and by Marshal Casey for the job.

During the past few months, the town has been afflicted with an unusually large number of beggars. Some were women and some were men and on two or three occasions small children have been sent around soliciting money, clothing and food stuff. It has been noted that these beggars usually camp just outside of town and then spread all over the town missing not a house. It is usually found that when these beggars break camp, they have thrown away all the small potatoes and frequently other groceries. In other words, the people of Fredericktown are being greatly imposed upon by these beggars and tramps and we are calling this attention to the matter in order that they may be warned in the future. WE do not advise stinginess; we commend charity. But most of these organized bands of tramps actually live better than do the people they beg from.

Mrs. Sadie Harris, wife of Capt. Wm. Harris, died at the home of her sister, Mrs. Mary Compton on North Main Street, Monday morning November 13th, following an illness of about two weeks. Mrs. Harris had been subjected to severe attacks of heart trouble for some time and her death was due to leakage of the heart and complications.

A nice force of men are at work on the Fulkerson Filling Station and it will be rushed to a rapid completion. 

75 years – Nov. 20, 1947

Six-year-old Donna Kay Denton, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Alva Denton, was found asleep behind her bed last night. There was nothing unusual about her being asleep except that her mother, relatives, friends and police had been looking fro her for several hours. Donna Kay had come from school entered the house without her family seeing here. Her apparent failure to come home from school alarmed the town and the search was on–until she was found behind her bed, asleep.

One of the gasoline pumps at the Rodenburg Garage caught fire last Thursday afternoon when Noah Francis, an employee of the establishment drove away from the pump with his bumper and the gas hose entangled. The gasoline in the pump caught fire when ignited by electric sparks from the mechanism.

The recently organized National Guard unit, an anti-tank company of the 140th Infantry, received Federal recognition last week at an inspection conducted by an officer of the Missouri Military District. A total of 16 men, 14 enlisted and two officers have joined the local unit. It is hoped that the strength will be built to approximately 100 men.

50 years – Nov. 16, 1972

Stephen Hawkins, a senior at FHS is the winner of the Voice of Democracy contest sponsored by the Veterans of Foreign Wars and Auxiliary. He will receive a $25 award and a chance to compete in a district contest.

“Into each life some rain must fall but too much is falling in mine.” This is the lament of all Southeast Missouri, particularly the farmers who are having difficulty in harvesting crops. Madison Countians will experience some economic loss by the inability to get into the milo fields. A freeze could almost ruin the milo, one farmer told the D-N.

Madison County has received almost 10 inches of rain in the past two weeks. Close to three inches fell Sunday night and Monday. A low-water bridge on the Coppermines Road was washed out early Monday. 

25 years – Nov. 19, 1997

Special Tees is one of the newest businesses to “open” in Madison County. Rest assured, you will be hard-pressed to find any other business like it. Special Tees is the result of an idea for a school-based enterprise which has been implemented at Fredericktown Middle School. In this business, special needs students are manufacturing iron-on T-shirts, sweatshirts, and caps for clubs and other organizations.

Farmington Elks Teen of the Month for Fredericktown was Brandon Hale for the month of November.

A co-ed Volleyball Tournament was held by the Azalea Board Nov. 1 at Fredericktown High School. Proceeds will go toward a “Thermal Imagining Camera.” The first place team consisted of Tracy Michaels, Aaron Ward, Karen Broussard, Jason White, Gary Norris and Lori Schafer.

Madison County experienced its first “real snowstorm” of the season last Thursday as Mother Nature cut loose with snow, sleet, rain and other nasty precipitation. 

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