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This week’s Take A Guess may look like some kind of firearm, but it was actually sold as a product that had a very useful purpose. Do you know what that purpose was? If you think you know the answer, send an email with your guess to Editor Kevin Jenkins at or post your response on the Farmington Press Facebook page. If you’re right, your name will appear in next week’s issue!

The correct answer to last week’s Take a Guess is known as The Wave. This astounding sandstone formation, located in Coyote Buttes, Arizona, is as wide as 62 feet and as long as 118 feet. It consists of Jurassic-age rock that has been slowly eroded over the millennia. Coming up with the correct answer were these amateur geologists: Nancy Bullis, Bruce Poff, Will Straughn, Mike Bowers, Judy Kopfman, Seery Saurage, Steven Burdick, Anita Angel Michaels, Susan Smith Kline and Paul Oberlander. Congratulations and a great big wave to all of you!

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