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What would you have done?”

Suppose you lived back in the time of Jesus birth date.

Nine months before His birth, you were the young teenage girl (Mary) that an angel appeared to and told you that you were going to conceive, by the Holy Spirit, a child. How would you have responded?

Or suppose you were a young man (Joseph) who was engaged to be married to that same young woman and she revealed to you that she was pregnant. Yet you had never been together in such a way as for her to be with child.

Would you have been willing to go through the scrutiny that these two young people did? Would you have been willing to accept what the Lord had planned for the world?

Maybe you were one of the shepherds, out in the fields, watching over your sheep, when the angels appeared and gave you instructions to go to a city and seek a baby that was being born. Who ever heard of shepherds being at a childbirth? They had to leave their sheep and go search and ask questions as to where this child might be. Imagine the reaction they must have received!

If you were one of the Magi that was also instructed to travel to Bethlehem and bring precious gifts to a stable. These were highly esteemed men; going to a stable? With costly gifts? They weren’t going to a palace.

Would you have had the faith and been obedient to follow those kinds of instructions from angels? Angels that were singing praises of the newborn King.

Yet as each of these took the steps of faith to go and worship a newborn baby, their lives were completely changed. Mary kept all these moments and pondered them in her heart. Joseph was there in complete support and obedience. Shepherds, wisemen, and others all fell in reverence and worship at the sight of this precious new baby.

What would you have done? But now the question is; What do you do as the birth of Jesus is presented to you? Are you willing to take a step of faith and follow after Him who is Christ the Lord? The Lord delivered our Saviour to the world in a place no other person would have thought about; a stable. He was brought into this world so that everyone could come and worship Him, not as an earthly king draped in costly clothing, but in a manger wrapped in swaddling clothes.

I pray this Christmas will bring you ever closer to a personal relationship with Jesus. He came to save us one and all. Merry Christmas everyone.

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