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How baseball fans watch games is changing. You can bet on it | Best Podcast in Baseball

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After a discussion of Scott Rolen’s election to the Hall of Fame and the coming parade of third basemen to Cooperstown, the Best Podcast in Baseball dives into a topic looming (huge) on the horizon.

As spring training nears, one of the biggest storylines in Major League Baseball is how the game will be played. The bigger story may be how the game is watched. There are rising issues with the current broadcast model. Streaming has to modernize. And the gambling industry is becoming a major presence in professional sports.

That means betting, even micro-betting on individual pitch outcomes, could be part of the near future. There’s a lot of money at stake. To make sense of this, Mark Saxon, baseball writer and former Cardinals beat writer and now reporter at Better Collectiv, joins the Best Podcast in Baseball to discuss how the increasing presence of the gaming industry at games and on broadcasts of games will shape how fans watch games and how reporters cover the games.

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