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New materials in Ozark Regional Library System

If you don’t see it at your local branch, ask your librarian to order it for you (or you can go to our online catalog and place a hold on the item yourself). Remember, a library card is free.


  • Beaton, M. C. Death of a Traitor
  • Box, C. J. Storm Watch
  • Calvi, Mary. If a Poem Could Live and Breathe: A Novel of Teddy Roosevelt’s First Love
  • Chakraborty, Shannon. The Adventures of Amina Al-Sirafi
  • Delany, Vicki. The Game Is a Footnote
  • Lackey, Mercedes. Beyond
  • Marquis, Krystal. The Davenports
  • Myers, Tamar. Meat Thy Maker
  • Patterson, James. 3 Days to Live
  • Roth, Veronica. Arch-Conspirator
  • Rowland, Laura Joh. River of Fallen Angels
  • Rushdie, Salman. Victory City
  • Scott, Kieran. Regrets Only
  • Smith, Tom Rob. Cold People 


  • Bound, Mensun. The Ship Beneath the Ice: The Discovery of Shackleton’s Endurance
  • Kessler, Oren. Palestine 1936: The Great Revolt and the Roots of the Middle East Conflict
  • Miller, Sarah. Hanged! Mary Surratt & the Plot to Assassinate Abraham Lincoln
  • Olson, Lynne. Empress of the Nile: The Daredevil Archaeologist Who Saved Egypt’s Ancient Temples from Destruction
  • Pickford, Nigel. Samuel Pepys and the Strange Wrecking of the Gloucester: The Shipwreck That Shocked Restoration Britain
  • Scharre, Paul. Four Battlegrounds: Power in the Age of Artificial Intelligence
  • Schueman, Tom & Zainullah Zaki. Always Faithful: A Story of the War in Afghanistan, the Fall of Kabul,, and the Unshakable Bond Between a Marine and an Interpreter
  • Short, Philip. Putin
  • Tschann, Judith. Romaine Wasn’t Built in a Day: The Delightful History of Food Language

YA Fiction/Non-fiction 

  • Daniels, Sarah. The Stranded
  • Hardinge, Frances. Unraveller
  • Preston, Natasha. The Island
  • Woon, Yvonne. My Flawless Life 

Picture Books 

  • Garland, Michael. We’re Not Weird: Structure and Function in the Animal Kingdom
  • Gombac, Žiga. Adam and His Tuba
  • Hokkanen, Mirka. Mossy and Tweed: Crazy for Coconuts
  • Larson, Kirsten W. The Fire of Stars: The Life and Brilliance of the Woman Who Discovered What Stars Are Made Of
  • Pinkney Barlow, Charnelle. Little Rosetta and the Talking Guitar: The Musical Story of Sister Rosetta Tharpe, the Woman Who Invented Rock and Roll
  • Swanson, Shari. Gertie the Darling Duck of WWII 


  • Gaines, Chip & Joanna. The Magnolia Story
  • Lucado, Max. You’ll Get Through This
  • Michaels, Fern. Eyes Only
  • Michaels, Fern. Free Fall
  • Moyes, Jojo. Before You
  • Robb, J. D. Leverage in Death
  • Roberts, Nora. Blood Brothers
  • Steel, Danielle. Property of a Noblewoman
  • Woods, Sherryl. Home in Carolina
  • Woods, Sherryl. One Step Away 

Video (DVD) 

  • Big Business
  • Cover Girl
  • Deathtrap
  • The Devil and Daniel Webster
  • Double Feature: The Poseidon Adventure; Blackbeard
  • TV Guide Presents: Classic Detectives
The Ozark Regional Library, Fredericktown Branch is located at 115 S. Main St.

The Ozark Regional Library, Fredericktown Branch is located at 115 S. Main St.

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