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This week’s Take a Guess features a strange looking lake that exists somewhere in the world. Do you know what it’s called and where it’s located? If you think you know the answer, send an email with your guess to Editor Kevin Jenkins at or post your response on the Farmington Press Facebook page. If you’re right, your name will appear in next week’s issue!

The correct answers to last week’s two part Take a Guess were 1) 1914 Anderson Detroit Electric Model 90; and 2) it is the only car designed to be driven from the backseat. We also accepted the answer that the 1914 Anderson Detroit was the first electric car because nobody knew about the backseat driving. Coming up with the correct answers were these backseat drivers: Susan Smith Kline, Charlotte Brady, Mitchall ODoniel, and Judy Kopfman. Good job, everybody!

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