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Leadington sees three run for Board of Aldermen

Three men are running to fill two spots on the Leadington Board of Aldermen during the election on April 4. Each were given the same questions and the opportunity to provide photos. They are listed in the order in which their names appear on the ballot.

Steve Kinsey

Incumbent Kinsey was contacted and declined to participate.

Greg Dickinson

Incumbent Dickinson was the winning write-in vote two years ago, and said he has enjoyed his time on the Board of Aldermen. He has decided to seek reelection because he feels it’s important be involved in the crucial decisions affecting Leadington.

Gregory Dickinson

Gregory Dickinson

“When I first won in 2021, I wasn’t qualified. I was just an average citizen looking to make a difference,” said Dickinson. “I’ve decided to seek reelection because being part of making crucial decision that affect the city I live in is important to me.”

Dickinson, 45, is married and has two adult children and a granddaughter. He has a background in elementary education and works as a substitute teacher and independent writer for the technologically-focused website Review Geek.

Dickinson’s goals, if reelected, involve city beautification including some new sidewalks installed, and hopes to bring more businesses to the area.

Andrew Young

Young has worked with different town governments in a variety of capacities and said he’s eager to work as an elected official for the people.

Andrew Young

Andrew Young

“I am running for alderman because I have lived in the local area my whole life,” said Young. “As a homeowner, I want to keep this town a great place to raise a family and to see the town grow.”

Young was born and raised in St. Francois County and moved to Leadington a few years ago. He lives near Prairie Farms on Flat River Road. He has a bachelor’s degree in political science from Webster University and works at Trimfoot as a data analyst and Amazon sales manager. He is a chief financial officer for Black River Solar. Outside of his career, he is the vice chairman of LIFE Center’s Board of Directors, a member of the Leadington Planning and Zoning Committee and Leadington Community Development Corporation, a member of St. Francois County Historical Society, and active in Farmington Kiwanis.

Young’s goals if elected include listening to any issues a citizen of Leadington has to try to find ways to solve the problem. He said he wants to work with Leadington citizens to grow it into a better community for all.

Danielle Thurman is a reporter for the Daily Journal and can be contacted at or 573-518-3616.

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