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Baby Boomer shows almost sold out

Pam Clifton, Contributing Writer

Two out of the three shows are nearly sold out.

That’s the update Farmington Civic Center Office Manager Martha Boren gave regarding the upcoming Baby Boomer concerts.

Kurt and Kyle Bauche, father and son from Farmington, play in the Baby Boomer concerts each year.

The Baby Boomer Reunion Concert is a much-loved event which takes place every August. Tickets went on sale July 3 at the Farmington Civic Center and have been going fast.

According to Boren, the Saturday, Aug. 5 matinee at 1 p.m. is almost completely sold out. Tickets for the Saturday, Aug. 5 show at 7 p.m. is more than three-fourths of the way sold, while seats are still available for the Friday, Aug. 4 show at 7 p.m. Tickets are $13 and may be purchased in person at the Farmington Civic Center at 2 Black Knight Drive or by phone at 573-756-0900.

Boren has worked at the civic center since before it opened in November 1995. She worked with the facility’s former director Bill Towler until he retired in 2012. After his retirement, Boren’s role expanded in various ways, including the Baby Boomer shows.

Since the Baby Boomer Reunion Concert was created by Dr. Kevin White, Boren has worked with White in some capacity, whether it’s been helping to organize the event, ticket sales, communication, advertisement and more.

“I’ve worked with Dr. White in some way or another since the beginning,” she said.

Boren is one of the biggest Baby Boomer fans. Even though she’s working during the annual weekend shows, she watches some portion of every single concert.

“I do watch some portion of every show, usually a song or two at a time, so I can see how things are going,” she said.

Boren’s favorite things are seeing how excited people are when they arrive for the shows, watching them during the show when a song hits home for them, and then again at the end as they’re leaving.

“Their smiles usually say it all,” she said. “There’s something so magical about the reaction of people to music.”

After the show, Boren can usually be found near the main doors thanking people for attending the concert and asking how they liked the show.

The Baby Boomer Reunion Concert started in August 2003 as the inaugural production for the opening of the Farmington Centene Center. This concert, created as a “gift to the community,” has grown from one original show to three annual sold-out performances.

This year’s 21st concert series is themed “The British are Coming!”


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