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Getting ready for the 21st Baby Boomer Concert

Theme for Friday, Saturday shows is “The British Are Coming”

Pam Clifton, Contributing Writer

Some people may think of the Baby Boomer Concert as simply as an affordable concert performed by many local people.

But some fans know. They truly understand Baby Boomers is an event worth lining up for overnight, hours before tickets go on sale.

But the people who participate in the annual concerts know the event is so much more than a concert. The Baby Boomers Reunion Concert is exactly that – a reunion.

The singers and musicians who shine on stage, whether they’re belting out lyrics in a solo performance, singing harmony with others, or showing off their talent by playing an instrument, all come together to create an unforgettable performance. And they don’t do this just once. They perform three times in one weekend.

The Baby Boomer weekend begins Thursday for the participants when the group comes together for a single run-through of the show. This is when some of them see each other for the first time since last year’s concert.

It’s a gathering of longtime friends who have become family over the years.

There’s one person who formed this special group in 2003. He didn’t realize it at the time that one single concert would lead to 20 additional years of extraordinary concerts and memories.

Kevin White conducts a rehearsal of the Baby Boomer Concert, which takes place this weekend at the Centene Center in Farmington. (Rhiannon White)

Dr. Kevin White created the Baby Boomer Reunion Concert as the inaugural production for the opening of the Farmington Centene Center. This concert, created as a “gift to the community,” has grown from one original show to three annual sold-out performances.

This year’s concerts mark the 21st straight year for the concert.

White devotes more than 1,500 hours a year to Baby Boomers outside of his teaching duties at Mineral Area College and Mineral Area Fine Arts Academy. That averages to about 62 days.

But White knows it takes time to achieve perfection. Any vocalist or instrumentalist who is part of Baby Boomers knows it’s a privilege to play music with or for him and to learn from him. Those who are fortunate enough to be part of Baby Boomers clearly understand and appreciate his brilliance and exceptional musical talent.

For the 2023 concerts, White decided on the theme “The British are Coming.” He said this year’s shows will be the best because of three things: the new format of the show, theme and music.

This year’s show format “still has great music and performances but the pacing will be much different and much faster between songs with a focus on comedy.”

“We have a lot of quirky, hilarious British things to throw in to keep the audience having fun,” said White.

He said this year’s theme is the best.

“While the U.S. invented rock ’n roll, within five years it was spiraling downward,” White said. “Thankfully the British righted it, expanded it and saved it.”

Kevin White, at the keyboard, first came up with the idea of the Baby Boomer Concert more than 20 years ago. (Rhiannon White)

White said the music in this year’s concerts is “so diverse and sometimes the most challenging that we have ever attempted. The British started so many different styles of rock and popular music and the audience will hear them all live, like the original recording, this weekend.”

Vocalists and instrumentalists for the 2023 concerts include Scottye Adkins, Kurt Bauche, Kyle Bauche, Eric Bennett, Stormy Bennett, Kris Berg, Alan Berry, Doug Berry, Marilyn Berry, Steve Berry, Victoria Chandler, Chelsea Collins, Lindsay Copeland, Sarah Duckett, Kathryn Gerhard, Joseph Gilgour, Dennis Gillam, Brad Glore, Michael Goldsmith, Jeanie Griffin, Phil Hoffman, Chris Howard, Brian Kinder, Emma LaChance, Hayden LaChance, Lindy LaChance, John Lodholz, Jason Loughary, Tod Mahaney, Caitlin Miles, Colleen Mitchell, Alayna Momot, Bob Monks, P.D. Murdick, Camille Nations, Kevin Pearce, Emma Peel, Beth Pope, Wayne Pope, Dan Schunks, Justin Schwertmann, Austin Sikes, Cory Thomure, Barb Towler, Beth Tripp, Allison Underwood, Shane Verges, Eric Wade, Rheannon White, Kathy Wigger and Kevin White (director).

The Baby Boomer Reunion Concert series takes place Aug. 4 at 7 p.m. and Aug. 5 at 1 p.m. and 7 p.m. at Farmington Centene Center. Tickets are $13 and may be purchased at the Farmington Civic Center or call 573-756-0900.

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