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Inspiring creativity and connection

“Parks” the rock snake is growing everyday near the Municipal Pool. (Tori Kemper)

Parks the Rock Snake becomes community hit in Fredericktown

Victoria Kemper,

A fun new community activity has popped up at the Fredericktown pool, bringing joy and creativity to residents of all ages.

Parks the Rock Snake is an imaginative project spearheaded by April Thompson and a few local enthusiasts. It has become a hit ,and everyone is invited to join in the fun.

Inspired by a Facebook post showcasing a similar idea, Thompson approached Audra Bastie, the pool manager, with the proposal of creating a rock snake at the park.

Charlee, Beck, and Carter Rehkop place their painted rocks to help grow “Parks” the rock snake. (submitted photo)

Excited about the concept, Bastie eagerly gave her approval. Together with her 13-year-old son, Wade Thompson, they scoured their farm for the perfect rocks to create the snake’s head and kickstart the project.

“Wade liked this idea as much as I did,” Thompson said. ”We made the snake head and painted another rock to get it started.”

The initiative received an additional boost from Carol Stephens, who played a vital role by naming the snake “Parks” and contributing rocks and paint to the cause.

The concept behind Parks the Rock Snake is simple yet engaging. Anyone in the community can participate by painting a rock and adding it to the ever-growing snake.

Thompson said the guidelines are straightforward:

  • Painted rocks can be contributed to the snake
  • Contributors should avoid removing or relocating existing painted rocks.
  • The focus is on creating a family-friendly and enjoyable experience for all park visitors so..
  • Please keep all painted rocks appropriate.

“Thankfully, the rocks painted have been family-friendly,” Thompson said. “Hopefully it stays that way. We ask that all rocks being painted and placed be appropriate for all family members to view.”

Thompson said, she hopes Parks the Rock Snake will provide a unique opportunity for families to spend quality time together, having fun and making memories.

“Painting rocks is a fun, creative activity that an entire family can take part in, especially on a rainy, no -ool day,“ Thompson said. “We hope to see Parks the Rock Snake grow all around the park.”

The response from the community has been overwhelmingly positive, with Parks already stretching across several parking spots.

Thompson said everyone is excited to see just how long the rock snake will become and encourages everyone to contribute to its expansion.

“We have lots of very talented people in our community,” Thompson said. “There have been so many really cool rocks painted.”

When asked what some of her favorite designs have been so far, Thompson said it was difficult to choose among them.

“I feel like every time I look at the new rocks painted, I am amazed at the creativity and talent that I see,” she said. “We really like all the details in the ‘Hulk‘ rock. It is one of our favorites so far but we like too many to have just one favorite.”

The Hulk is depicted on one of the many rocks making up Parks the Rock Snake near the Fredericktown City Pool. (Fredericktown City Pool, Facebook)

Thompson said, rock painting can be very relaxing and a fun way to be creative, but her favorite part is spending time with her son.

“My favorite part of it is actually looking at all the different rocks on the farm with Wade,“ Thompson said. “Sometimes you just find a rock and its shape gives you inspiration.“

Thompson and the community at large invite everyone to participate in the Parks the Rock Snake project, to embrace their artistic side, and enjoy watching the snake grow.

With hopes for a vibrant and expanding display, this community-driven initiative is bringing people together, fostering creativity, and adding a touch of whimsy to the park.

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