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FredMo Nights brings out the cars

The first FredMo Nights event was held July 28 at Jaycee Park. The event drew a large crowd despite the high temperature. (Victoria Kemper)

Victoria Kemper,

It’s the car show without judging, focusing on the social aspects

If you happened to take a drive on the last Friday night of July in Fredericktown, you may have noticed a gathering of cars parked along Buford Boulevard at Jaycee Park. These community members definitely were not there to enjoy the extra warm weather but instead were gathered to enjoy the first FredMo Nights event.

In an effort to provide car collectors and the community with a relaxed gathering, local car enthusiasts Logan Mitchell and Zak Keller organized the much-anticipated FredMo Nights, which they plan to hold twice a month.

The next FredMo Nights event is scheduled for 6 to 9 p.m., Saturday, Sept. 2 at Azalea Park in Fredericktown.

For updates on future FredMo Nights events and to learn how to get involved, follow FredMO Nights on Facebook.

This casual car meet aimed to offer a refreshing alternative to traditional car shows, encouraging like-minded individuals to come together, share their passion and have a good time without the pressures of competition.

In a world where high-stakes car shows dominate the scene, FredMo Nights brings back the essence of true automobile enthusiasts and invites the community to come together, share their love for cars, build friendships, and create lasting memories.

The idea for FredMo Nights was born out of Mitchell’s experiences attending various car shows. Although he enjoyed the camaraderie and appreciation for the vehicles, he noticed that some events focused heavily on competition and judging, which was not everyone’s cup of tea.

“You go there with thoughts of your car winning or being judged,” Mitchell said. “It’s a whole different environment, and so we wanted a meet where we could come hang out, talk about cars, and just gather without the pressures.”

Mitchell said that traditional car shows can also last a very long time and can be very hot. He said FredMo Nights is a few hours in the evening and offers an alternative for those who can not commit to attending a full car show.

In pursuit of that laid-back and inclusive atmosphere, the duo set out to create FredMo Nights, where car owners and enthusiasts could simply come together, chat about cars, and just hang out.

“I have been to car meet-ups like this in other towns,” Mitchell said. “After driving some distance to attend them, I thought this is definitely something we can have in Fredericktown.”

The inaugural event July 28 saw an impressive turnout filling the parking area near Jaycee Park within the first 20 minutes.

Mitchell said that for this event and all future events, whether your vehicle is a showpiece or a work in progress, all are welcome. He said spectators are also absolutely welcome to join the gatherings and engage in conversations with fellow car enthusiasts or just hang out and enjoy the atmosphere.

Tessa Rehkop sells concessions to benefit the Optimist Club during the FredMo Nights event. (Victoria Kemper)

“This is a meet for everyone,” Mitchell said. “You don’t need to own a car to attend; everyone who appreciates automobiles is welcome. We want it to be a place where you can ask questions, share experiences, and connect with others in a safe, family-friendly environment.”

FredMo Nights has been warmly received by the community. During this first event, the Optimist Club joined in to sell concessions for the crowd. The club’s involvement in providing snacks added to the event’s positive impact by helping raise funds for the club’s youth soccer season.

Though the organizers held this first meet at Jaycee Park, they are now considering expanding to other locations in town to accommodate the growing interest.

“We want this to benefit the community and provide a safe, fun, and free event for all,” Mitchell said. “We are planning to hold FredMo Nights twice a month, maybe on a Saturday and a Friday, to cater to different schedules.”

Local participants have expressed their enthusiasm for the event, praising its friendly vibe and community-oriented approach.

As the sun sets on the first successful FredMO Nights event, the community looks forward to more gatherings that celebrate the joy of automobiles and provide a fun, family event right in our backyard.

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