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Desloge Aldermen recount storm damage

The Desloge Board of Aldermen met Tuesday night at City Hall. (File Photo)


The Desloge Board of Aldermen met in its regular monthly session Monday night, and the unanimous consensus of the mayor and the board was deep appreciation and thanks to all the departments for their efforts in the aftermath of the severe weather that wreaked damage throughout the town.

Alderman John Wigger set the tone when he stated that he was “super-proud of the employees, and I really appreciate them as well. They all work together, and everybody just jumped in and did what needed to be done.”

In business, Kevin Hulsey addressed the board during the public comment segment regarding the city’s position on the care, maintenance, and liability of sidewalks.

The city’s current ordinance makes the upkeep of sidewalks the resident’s responsibility which includes absorbing the cost for replacement. Residents also bear the liability, according to the current ordinance, for injuries incurred on the sidewalk. The board agreed with Hulsey that this should be the city’s responsibility and, later in the meeting, agreed to investigate the policies of other communities regarding their position on this issue.

The council set the annual public hearing and special meeting to establish the 2023 Real Property Tax Rate for Monday at 4:30 p.m. at City Hall.

City Administrator Stephanie Daffron discussed the procedure for getting the MODOT Transportation Alternatives Program grant which would be used to extend sidewalks towards Walmart. It would be an 80/20 grant worth up to $500,000. The aldermen unanimously agreed to pursue the grant.

Paul Pilliard, superintendent of the water department, spoke on the need for a new locator to replace the current one that is four years old. He also asked to buy 100 new water meters. The new meters are expected to last at least 12 years. The current meters have a 10-year life span and will need to be replaced within the next two years. After a brief discussion, the board unanimously agreed to the purchases.

The council then heard a discussion about purchasing 18 baskets from Gateway Sports for disk golf, with money coming from the Brightwell Donation fund. The fund benefits all the parks in Desloge.

A proposal from the Farmington accounting firm Thurman, Shinn, and Schweiss was discussed by the aldermen in regard to recommendations dating to the last city audit.

Cities that do not have a financial advisor on staff often hire an accountant to balance their end-of-the-year books. Thurman, Shinn, and Schweiss offer such a service that can be done monthly, quarterly, or at the end of the year. At the least, the city would use it for the end of the year. The council agreed the idea of being able to project the city’s finances accurately was worth exploring.

Discussion on Missouri LAGERS, the largest public pension system in Missouri that serves local government employees, was tabled for the time being so that the city could better determine its financial responsibilities and obligations in such a system.

The next regular Desloge City Council meeting will be Sept. 18, at 7 p.m., in Desloge City Hall.

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