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Women’s League Softball results, final standings

Provided by Kevin Kemp

The 2023 Women’s League finished up Monday night with its post-season tourney.

On the season, Parsons Lawn Care finished on top with only one loss. Cap America was second, Power House and Bomb Squad tied for third, followed by Curvy Swingers.

The single elimination tournament had Cap America on top, Parsons Lawn Care second, Power House third followed by Bomb Squad.

Thank you ladies for an excellent fun season of not just good play, but also great sportsmanship and cooperation of the coaches and players alike. Look forward to next year.

July 31 results–Curvy Swingers 17-Power House 12; Parsons Lawn Care 6-Power House 4; and Parsons Lawn Care 9-Curvy Swingers 7

Final Standings

Parsons Lawn Service 13-1

Cap America 7-7

Power House 6-8

Bomb Squad 6-8

Curvy Swingers 3-11

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