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Favorite comics, columnists return to today’s Daily Journal

A message from the editor of the Daily Journal:

As part of our continuing transition to the Better Newspapers Inc. family, I’m pleased to announce that many of your favorite comics and columnists are returning to the pages of the Daily Journal for your enjoyment and edification.

Kevin R. Jenkins

Beginning with today’s issue, Garfield, Arlo and Janis, Grizzwells, Frank & Ernest, Big Nate, Born Loser, Monty, Brevity, Herman and Moderately Confused will be found on the Daily Journal comics page.

Also returning in today’s edition are the popular advice columns Dear Abby, Sense & Sensitivity and Ask the Doctors.

In recent months, many of our readers have requested the return of these comics and columnists to the pages of the Daily Journal. This is another small way in which our publication hopes to better serve our community.

For those readers who have come to rely on email notifications, we are diligently working to bring back that function. We’ll happily make an announcement as soon as it’s available for sign-up again.

The Daily Journal is 58 years old, with roots that go back to 1930. We are grateful for a Parkland that supports local media. It’s all about community partnership.

Kevin R. Jenkins, Daily Journal editor

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  1. VJT on August 24, 2023 at 4:17 pm

    That’s good, but you took two puzzles away. Jumbo and sudoku
    Please put them back on
    Thank You

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