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Farmington, NC place friendly wager

Students’ school lunch programs to benefit

PAM CLIFTON, Contributing Writer

What do students do when they cannot pay for their school lunches? Some districts give those students a cheese sandwich.

During last school year, some local businesses created a “cut the cheese” fundraiser for area students.

Scott Smith of the Samaritan Lodge #424 worked with Leadbelt Save A Lot’s Clint Price to sponsor an event to help pay for students’ school lunches.

Save A Lot Managers Kinlee Dunn (Bonne Terre) and Matt Bishop (Farmington) have agreed to a friendly wager for Friday’s football game. The “loser” donates $500 to the winning team’s school backpack program. (Submitted photo)

Price worked with friends and local food truck owners Tom and Julie Abel, of The Lunch Lady Food Truck and Catering, to provide food for that event. La Pachangas Mexican Restaurant employee Gabriel Velasquez also provided chicken and steak tacos. North County teacher Annie Morris organized a silent auction with numerous items.

Now there’s already a fundraiser in the form of a friendly wager set for the start of this new school year, and the Leadbelt Save A Lot stores are at the heart of the event.

“We love helping out the backpack program,” said Clint Price. “Last year, the staff at the Bonne Terre Save A Lot bet our Farmington store that the loser would donate $500 to the winning team’s backpack program.”

Price said it’s heartbreaking and mind blowing to think some kids go home and have nothing to eat.

“The fact that they rely on that backpack program to get them through the weekend as far as being fed is sad,” he said. “We as a community have to step up and help these kids who can’t control their situations.”

Price said Reggie AuBuchon of Bryant Restoration did this a few years ago and challenged another restoration service in Farmington.

“It got huge as other Bonne Terre businesses challenged Farmington businesses and vice versa,” said Price. “It became a really big event that was super neat!”

For Aug. 25’s Farmington vs. North County Friday night football game, Farmington Save A Lot Store Manager Matt Bishop and Bonne Terre Save A Lot Store Manager Kinlee Dunn agreed to a friendly wager. If the Farmington Knights win Friday’s game, the Bonne Terre store donates $500 to their opponent’s backpack program. If the North County Raiders win, Farmington donates to their opponent’s program.

“It’s the first game of the year and it kicks off the school year, the football season, and it helps jumpstart the backpack programs for the schools,” said Price. “We just feel like it’s another great way for us to reach out and have some fun while helping the kids in our community.”

He said this is a fun way to keep up and expand the longtime rivalry between the two school districts while also raising extra funds for a great cause.

AuBuchon also put out his own challenge.

“Hey Certified Restoration Specialists, it’s rivalry week, and we all know what that means.”

AuBuchon wrote, “We think our North County Raiders are going to beat your Farmington Knights this Friday! How about a little challenge?”

He reached out to Certified Restoration Specialists for a $500 bet.

“If our Raiders win, you donate $500 to the North County backpack program. If Farmington wins, we will donate $500 to the Farmington backpack program.”

In addition, T.J. Isgrig of Isgrig Lawn Care bet Lucas Basler of Basler Outdoor Services LLC for $100.

“We’d love to see more local businesses step up to the plate and increase the total,” said Price. “It’s a win for kids in our local communities no matter what the final score is.”

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