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Leadwood chief warns of impersonator


Leadwood Chief of Police Chris Heatherly has reported two incidents of motorists being stopped outside Leadwood city limits by an individual impersonating a Leadwood police officer. The incidents were said to have occurred on Highway 8 east of Leadwood, between the quarry and the city limits.

The person in question allegedly wears a tech vest, t-shirt and jeans, and is driving a black, unmarked SUV, possibly a Ford Explorer, reported to be similar to Leadwood police vehicles. The vehicle has emergency lights.

All Leadwood vehicles are clearly identifiable with the city name highly visible.

Leadwood Police Chief Chris Heatherly

The chief reports he suspects the impersonator is targeting women driving alone, given the two reports the station has received.

Heatherly said, if you are stopped and suspect the individual is not a legitimate officer, call 911 immediately and report the incident. Keep your doors locked and drive to a lit, populated area. Do not engage the individual.

Anyone with further information can contact the Leadwood police at 573-562-7337.

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