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By Audrey B. Unruh


While working on the Peso Project, Professor Dope said, “This is history in the making.” 

We never know what might be an event that will change the world. Yet, do you realize that each moment of every day that has passed is actually part of history. 

History began as soon as the first event in creation began. After the very first word of creation was spoken, history was set in motion. 

When we think of history, we usually think in terms of particular events in time. Good or evil rulers of kingdoms that turned their nations around either for positive or negative results. Artistic events that helped shape the future lives of millions (Woodstock for example). Natural disasters that affect the actual shape of villages, towns, and cities, as well as families (hurricanes, tornados, floods, wildfires). Intentional decisions by some to harm or destroy others because of hatred or revenge (9/11 for instance).  And I’m certain more events may come to your mind. 

The bottom line is this: I’m afraid none of us is constantly aware of the fact that each moment that passes is part of history. We can never get back any time that has passed. We may wish we could. We may regret what we did or did not do, but that is part of history that cannot be rewritten. 

Praises and gratitude are always encouraging and uplifting to others. Apologies may be in order, and usually are and should be. How often do you hear, “I’m sorry?” Is it just a way to get out of the situation, or is it a sincere regret for whatever was done?

We may be thrilled with a different event that just happened, but we cannot bring it back. Certainly, we might try to duplicate the good, exciting, thrilling moments, but they are part of our history and now are a memory for us to enjoy. 

Conclusion: Be more alert to your everyday choices and decision making. Make each moment of every day count for good and positive results. You may never know how it will change the course of your history, or even the lives of others. 

God bless you as you work to determine your history.  

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